What's hiding behind...
Well, I would say it's great to be back in our house, but I'll admit I'm tired of "roughing it".
You can see from the latest pictures that our kitchen is less than usable.
I can't tell you how many times I've tried to wash out my plastic cup or paper plate, just to remember I don't have a sink much less running water in my kitchen.

You won't believe what I discovered behind our old cabinets!
Nails, screws, pieces of dry wall and insulation and enough dust bunnies to take over the world! Good grief, what a disgusting mess!
I spent 5 hours on Friday, cleaning up what was left behind.
Hmmm... What a great word picture; Cleaning up what was left behind.

As we continue on in our pursuit of change, I have to ask this question.
Is there some cleaning up you need to do regarding the things you've left behind?


Blogger The "Quiet" One... said...

Your post today is so interesting and timely. I'm moving into my first home on the 1st and in packing up my stuff, I'm coming across so many things I forgot I had, no longer need, etx. I need to do the same spiritually so I don't move old stuff to my new place. :o)

Blogger Kim said...

I have been working on this exact thing in my marriage. With God's help some mighty miracles are happening!

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Oh gosh Zoe, those walls make me want to come over and do some painting just looking at them. Bless your precious, patient, long-suffering, beautiful heart!!!

Love you!

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