Bring on the Bling
Happy Bling day!!

I'm having the best time ever finding all of these fabulous "blingy" ideas.
I hope you'll be inspired by these ideas.
Speaking of ideas...
What is inspiring you these days?


Blogger Jenn said...

love love the bling :-) and by the way I loved the leopard print runner!
What is inspiring me these days-- well since She speaks I told the Lord I would take the first baby steps of more obedience and be faithful again to blog. I was really a faithful blogger when I lived overseas.. then I moved back to america and listened to the lie of the enemy that I did not have anything worthwhile to say anymore now that I was no longer a missionary. LIE from the enemy.. so just blogging again has inspired me to keep stepping forth. I love seeing your sweet smile when I click on this blog. How can I pray for you?
Jenn Hand

Blogger Sarah Martin said...

Oh good much do I LOVE those bangle bracelets. SOOO BLIIIINGY!

You are too cool Zoe!

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