Dresses and a Habitat House

Hey Friends,

I'm here in Dallas and I did find a dress for the rehearsal dinner (yeah for the clearance rack) but lest you think I'm here in the big city just for myself I wanted you to see this.

My sister and brother-in-law Maria and Brandon Pope are sponsoring/building a habitat house. Did you know their church has built more habitat houses than any other church in the nation?

Here's a picture of the banner on the house.

Notice they are building the house in memory of our daddy. He would be thrilled!!!

Maria and Brandon have an incredible spirit of giving and here's the link to an interview they did for their church. They are the second couple on the video.


I hope you will hear their hearts of compassion and giving and will celebrate with us.

I'm headed to the house on Saturday to do some work myself. I wonder if they will let me use the nail gun?

On second thought with my track record perhaps I should stick to painting or planting. LOL!!!

We're off to find "the dress" today. I'll post some pictures in a few days.

TTFN (Tah Tah For Now)

To Dallas for Dresses and Shoes
Hey bloggy friends,

I think I've gotten everything washed and put away just in time to pack my bags for another trip.
I'm leaving in the morning for a trip to Dallas Texas to visit my sister and her family and to shop for the Mother of the grooms' dress.

I know all about the adage that the Mother of the groom is suppose to wear beige and keep her mouth shut but come on now who are we kidding?
At the bride's request I'm going to purchase something really bright and sparkly. I know, I know, you are finding this very heard to believe that me this shy, quiet and demure lady would want to wear something really bright and sparkly. LOL!!!!!

My sister Maria has already been scouting out the Dallas consignment shops as well as some clearance racks. It's going to be fun for sure but not an easy task.

Heaven forbid I wear shoes where the heels get stuck in the gaps between the floor boards in the church. Have Mercy! I don't want to end up on America's Funniest Videos showing "all" of myself should I stumble and fall.
Note to self wear your granny panties under those spanks!
I've already walked off one stage and fallen off a toilet in the last 12 months.
We need to start praying I can get through the wedding without tripping or falling.

The wedding is going to be informal and the church is a former carriage house. They have even converted the stalls into offices.
The floors and ceilings are the original wood with stone walls and a huge stone fireplace. I wish you could see the cross over the mantle.
It's two pieces of metal welded together and items found on the property (door hinges, bridles, horse shoes, nails etc.) have been welded to it. Sorry, I'm off the subject.

So... I'm off to find a dress and shoes that balance my sparkling personality and the sweet quaintness of Oliver's Carriage House in Columbia, MD.

I'll post some pictures next week.

Home Again

Hi Friends,

We're home again after traveling 1300 miles and spending 16 hours in the car over 4 days.
 It was a wonderful trip indeed and we had the opportunity to meet Kelsey's 2 families, a lot of her friends, attend a bridal shower and get some wedding details taken care of. 

The first few pictures are with Debbie mom (Kelsey's biological mom) and family. 

This last picture is with Kelsey's adoption parents Cathy and Charlie.

Tom and I feel so privileged to be partnering with these extraordinary families. 
Kelsey and her families have an incredible story to tell and I hope to share some of God's handiwork in the coming weeks.

What a BLAST!!!!
Now I'm off to unpack, do laundry, shower and slide between clean sheets.
Nighty Night friends,

Lucy and Ethyl Ride Again
Hidy Ho Bloggy Friends,

Greetings from the cold and very windy state of Maryland. Josh and I arrived safely yesterday just in time to pick up Tom from the airport. We dropped of Josh and Kelsey at the Rent a truck store and that's when Tom and I were mysteriously turned into Lucy and Ethyl. 

We couldn't put the hotel address into the GPS without it turning off so we repeatedly backed the car up and drove forward to get the sun out of our eyes for 5 long embarrassing minutes all the time praying our son and future daughter-in-law weren't watching from inside the store.

We finally arrived safely at our hotel and freshened up before meeting our future in-laws. 

Once again we attempted multiple times to use the GPS in order to locate the restaurant  without any success as it was a new restaurant on a new street that literally wasn't on the map. Did I mention that Tom (a wonderful and precious husband) temporarily turns into the incredible hulk when technology doesn't cooperate? 
We resorted to old school methods and call the restaurant for directions (Did I mention the last time we were in Maryland was 1983?)
The clock is ticking and we're going to be late (DId I mention that I temporarily turn into the incredible hulk"tress" if we're not on time?)
Finally... the hotel manager swoops in with printed map quest directions to save the day.

We do arrive at the restaurant and we managed to get through dinner only with only one incident of me sticking my foot in my mouth. 

As we said our good-byes and in our effort to hug everyone good night Tom accidentally set off the car alarm. He finally manages to turn off the annoying noise and we jump into the car for a speedy get away. Once again attempt to use the GPS this time with success!! YEAH AND HALLELUJAH!!!!

This morning we're off to pack the truck and to visit the wedding site. I'll keep you posted on our trip. We're hoping after a good night's rest Lucy and Ethyl will have extracted themselves from our presence.

Happy Day friends,

Sniffles, a Bridal Shower and ZICAM
Hey friends,

I know I've been absent but this cold is ruthless and doesn't want to make an exit from my head and chest. As soon as my work day is done I've been scurrying home, jumping into my jammies and sliding between clean sheets just in time to enjoy a cup of chicken broth followed by a cup of Mint Medley Tea.

I've tried something new to relieve the symptoms of this nasty little beast.
ZiCam Nose swabs and I really like them.
You get the benefit without the groggy feeling cold tablets can leave behind.

We're off to Baltimore Maryland tomorrow morning.
Josh and I are driving my car and Tom will fly up to meet us after a meeting.

I'm so excited, we're going to be meeting Kelsey's family for the very first time, attend a bridal shower Saturday night and then we're moving Kelsey to Charlotte on Sunday.
I'm sure they will be impressed with my red and swollen nose not to mention my low and raspy voice. Tom thinks I sound like Barry White. HA!!!!!

It's going to be great having our future daughter-in-law in the same city.
I can only image how bitter sweet this must be for her adoptive parents Cathy and Charlie.
May I ask you to pray for them as they watch their only child move away and prepare for marriage.

I'll post some photos from our time away when we return next week.

Joyful Humility
Good Morning Friends and welcome if you are stopping by after reading today's
Proverbs 31 Devotional http://proverbs31devotions.blogspot.com/

Sorry I've been missing in action this last week, I'm recovering from the nasty cold germ that's so popular this time of year.

What stories can you share about your opportunities and experiences with Joyful Humility?

It's understood that you are not building up yourself, but using your story to encourage the lives of others.

Reponding to His Call
My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me."
And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming."
Psalm 27:8

I saw this verse quoted on my friend JottinMama's blog http://jottinmama.blogspot.com/ . Kate always offers great insight on her blog.
I think this verse fits in perfectly with our discussion on obedience.

I want this verse to be my heart's response today. A response without hesitation or discussion.
"Oh Lord, I want to respond to your calling quickly and completely."

What is He asking of you today and how are you responding?

I will not be moved
Hey bloggy friends,

I just love this song from Natalie Grant and here's the video.

We shared some things regarding obedience in the last weeks and I think this song confirms what I've been hearing and learning.
What about you?
What are your thoughts?


A Bucket of Encouragement
For those of you who missed today's radion spot from Proverbs 31 here it is.

Radio Hostess: Lysa TerKeurst
Contributing Writer:
Zoë Elmore

I’m amazed at how God shows up in tough times! Hi, I’m Lysa TerKeurst for Proverbs 31 Ministries.

One afternoon my friend Zoë’s husband, Tom, came home carrying a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Zoë was thrilled! But, then Tom said that he’d just lost his job.

After a week of wondering, “what now”, Zoë’s flowers had wilted.
When she threw them away God impressed something on her heart. “Save the container.
I’m going to fill it until it overflows.” So, she left the little bucket on the kitchen counter.

Over the next ten months of waiting for Tom to find work they received cards, e-mails and words from the Bible.

They placed each one in the container where the flowers had been and before long it overflowed with encouragement.

When Zoë and Tom felt discouraged they read something from the bucket and it reminded them that God was with them and that He had a plan!

For more encouragement, visit proverbs31.org.
Related Resources
Dreams of a Woman, Sharon Jaynes
Scars, by Karen Ehman

Resting with Zits

First of all... We woke up to snow today. Yeah!!!

Okay, it's just a tiny dusting of snow really but it's snow!!!

I'm certain it will be all melted with no traces what so ever by noon.

A warm and toasty welcome to those of you stopping by after reading today's
Proverbs 31 devotional.

I wish I had the opportunity to stay inside and rest today while the neighborhood children play in the snow outside my window, but I'm working today.

Ah rest... I think I remember what that is and how to enjoy it.

Several days ago I asked my bloggy friends to
Share their favorite ways to relax, restore and release the stresses this life can and does bring.

What can you add to our list?

Tom is out of town on business so tonight, I'm treating myself to a bubble bath then I'm going to slip into the clean sheets on our bed to watch American Idol (that is on TV tonight isn't it?).
I LOVE clean sheets so much I change ours 2-3 times a week.
Clean sheets and resting go hand in hand for me.
I can't wait to see what you will add to our "resting list"

P.S. For those of us with sons here's a little funny for you. I think the Zits cartoon series is a true reflection of how the male mind operates under the influence of "testosterone poisoning"

Are You a Mrs. Potato Head?
Hey Friends,

I hope you have all recovered from the heart stopping, hand ringing Super Bowl last night.
What a game, but how disappointing were the commercials?
Except for this one.
When I saw it I laughed til it hurt, maybe it's because I can be a Mrs. Potato Head myself.

What about you?


I can't wait to see who will be honest enough to admit it.

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