Lucy and Ethyl Ride Again
Hidy Ho Bloggy Friends,

Greetings from the cold and very windy state of Maryland. Josh and I arrived safely yesterday just in time to pick up Tom from the airport. We dropped of Josh and Kelsey at the Rent a truck store and that's when Tom and I were mysteriously turned into Lucy and Ethyl. 

We couldn't put the hotel address into the GPS without it turning off so we repeatedly backed the car up and drove forward to get the sun out of our eyes for 5 long embarrassing minutes all the time praying our son and future daughter-in-law weren't watching from inside the store.

We finally arrived safely at our hotel and freshened up before meeting our future in-laws. 

Once again we attempted multiple times to use the GPS in order to locate the restaurant  without any success as it was a new restaurant on a new street that literally wasn't on the map. Did I mention that Tom (a wonderful and precious husband) temporarily turns into the incredible hulk when technology doesn't cooperate? 
We resorted to old school methods and call the restaurant for directions (Did I mention the last time we were in Maryland was 1983?)
The clock is ticking and we're going to be late (DId I mention that I temporarily turn into the incredible hulk"tress" if we're not on time?)
Finally... the hotel manager swoops in with printed map quest directions to save the day.

We do arrive at the restaurant and we managed to get through dinner only with only one incident of me sticking my foot in my mouth. 

As we said our good-byes and in our effort to hug everyone good night Tom accidentally set off the car alarm. He finally manages to turn off the annoying noise and we jump into the car for a speedy get away. Once again attempt to use the GPS this time with success!! YEAH AND HALLELUJAH!!!!

This morning we're off to pack the truck and to visit the wedding site. I'll keep you posted on our trip. We're hoping after a good night's rest Lucy and Ethyl will have extracted themselves from our presence.

Happy Day friends,


Blogger Joyful said...

HAHAHA, I've never used a GPS, but glad you eventually found your way.

So thankful that God's Positioning System is trustworthy and He will guide me if I listen and let Him show me the way.

Can't wait to hear the further adventures of "Lucy and Ethyl".

Have fun,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Well not sure what to say about the now word picture in my head.
Mr and Mrs. Hulk, but of course you would be in heels and pearls, right? tee hee.
If nothing else this will make for memories and great stories for the grandkids.
Be safe and understand that things have changed since 1983.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT to hear about the "foot in mouth" incident.
Until then....
I just hung up the phone with you. It was great talking to you, friend. I'm praying and I love you!

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