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"The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless; they heard the sound but did not see anyone". – Acts 9:7

I wonder what became of those travel companions. Those that heard but did not see. Those that saw their mentor, their hero, fall blind. I'm no historical expert. I bet if I researched it enough, I could find theories as to who they were, what became of them. Paul's road buddies. His roadies.
I'd rather guess. I'd rather pretend. I'd rather suggest. Imagine what they saw. What they heard. What they felt. Eyesight one minute. Blind the next. Christian persecutor one minute. Babbling, humble human the next. What did they see on the road to Damascus? What did they unSEE? How were their lives changed?
Writing and thinking about Paul is one thing. His roadies is another. His travel companions. Were they changed? When were they changed? Why weren't they changed? Did they believe? Did they become Christians? If so, when? On the road? Immediately? When sight was restored?
Would this blinding event change you? Or would his returned eyesight? Would you need more proof? Would you believe? Would you have believed? When? What must it take to truly fall on your knees? What action?
Our memory needs an event. A refresher. A change. We need to witness. Witness others. Hear others called to faith. I believe Paul's road buddies converted. Changed. Accepted. Asked forgiveness. Ministered.
They did.
You should. Don't wait for evidence. Have faith. Have faith in what you cannot see. In what you unSEE.

A Ministry of renewed vision, regained sight, and reformed memory of God’s ultimate prescription to eternal life: faith in Jesus Christ, a Love of God and a Love of Others.
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Blogger Joyful said...

This is great. Loved the questions. I read that encounter and think, of course I would have believed if I'd been one of the companions...yet...like the Israelites over and over again I see God's Hand at work in my life and still struggle and doubt when faced with the next challenge. Thanks for this refresher and the call to keep believing in what I unSEE.

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