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I've been experiencing some technical blogging blocks and haven't been able to post in a while.
I've missed keeping up with all of you!!

Four weekends on the road and working at Carolinas Counseling Group, Whew I'm pooped!
Hey, I saw a news story yesterday that I thought was wonderful and wanted to share that with you.

One young woman from Oregon State was at bat and hit her very first home run. She dropped the bat and began running the bases. As she rounded first base her right knee gave way and she collapsed.
Knowing she could not continue and they could not help her because of a disqualification rule her teammates watched in anguish.

The opposing team from Washington State was very aware of this girls dilemma and the rules of the game and what they did next was extraordinary...

Several members from the opposing team made a human chair and carried the injured young woman around the bases and helped her score the run.

Oregon State won the game over Washington State by ONE RUN.
Talk about sacrifice?
I'd love to hear your experiences of sacrifice.
Please share how and what you've sacrificed or been privy to.


Blogger Joyful said...

Beautiful story. We are called to be "living sacrifices", but must say, any sacrifices I have made seem to pale in comparison to this many ways when I do make sacrifices it's usually an overflow of love for the other person, so I don't feel like I've lost because of sharing in their joy.

Thanks for sharing this.
Have a great weekend.

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