The Kindred Spirit
Hey friends,

We've just returned from our last full day at the beach and as I mentioned in yesterday's post I'll share the Kindred Spirit with you.

It's not what you might be thinking unless you've visited Bird Island at Sunset Beach....

The kindred Spirit is a mailbox. It was put there about 20 years ago and the town keeps it filled with journals and pens. People from just about every place imaginable have visited the Kindred Spirit and written their thoughts, opinions, and prayers.

I've visited the Kindred Spirit many times and always enjoy reading what others have written.

Four years ago we were at the beach with several couples. Our friends had never visited the Kindred Spirit, so I led the girls down the beach.

It's a 45 minute walk to the Kindred Spirit from the beach house so when we arrived we were happy to take a seat on a long piece of drift wood as we read through a number of the jounals. We laughed and giggled at many of the humours writing; we also cried and marveled at some of the sad and tragic things others shared.

There we were sitting on that long piece of drift wood when someone screamed, "Stand up, stand up everybody!" "My journal says that a group of nudists sat on this very piece of drift wood as they wrote their thoughts in this journal. " YIKES, OUCH and OWIE!!!!
Stand we did
I think we laughed the entire 45 minute walk back to the house. My sides hurt for a week!
If you ever get to vacation on Sunset Beach I hope you will visit the Kindred Spirit
I would suggest you not sit on the drift wood. Happy days sweet friends.
We're off to a delicious meal of fresh seafood.
Stay tuned... I have more beautiful beach pictures to share.
Wait till you see the pictures of the last pontoon bridge on the East Coast.


Hey Zoe,

I hope you got some much needed rest at the beach after your busy schedule!! I love reading your blog entries and seeing what you've been up to. I've missed seeing you at Carolina's Counseling, but we'll have to catch up next week when I have an appointment finally! Take care sweet friend.

Anne Marie

Blogger Joyful said...

I stayed at a "Kindred Spirit" Bed and Breakfast - I believe it was on Prince Edward Island. Anyway, they had journals available for guests to record their thoughts as well, and it was a treasure to sit and read the heart-felt expressions of many. I laughed and cried too.

Sounds like you're having a wonderful rest and break from routine.

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