Worth Waiting For
I've been counting the days and hours to the release of Wii Fit and today I was able to purchase it!
The friend I job share with at Carolinas Counseling Group called the office this morning to say that she was on the way to Sams Club to purchase a system for her 3 children and 1 system for me.

Kim dropped off the system about 11:00 today and it was all I could do not to "come down with a headache" and "need" to leave work early just to play the new Wii Fit.

Okay, I did finish out the day, but I do think I did speed a bit on the way home.

This thing is better than I ever expected and will go a long way in helping me stay on track with my new healthy lifestyle (physically that is).
I've NEVER broken a sweat from hoola-hooping; but I just did.

Gotta go; it's my turn to try out the Yoga.
What ae you waiting for?
Zoe Wii


Blogger Joyful said...

That's funny! I heard it was being released and immediately I thought, "oh, I wonder if Zoe got her Wii Fit today".

The fun of anticipation can sometimes be greater than reality. Glad it met your expectations!


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