"One of those Days"

Hey friends,
Someone sent me this picture and I thought it something we could ALL relate to.
Have you ever had "One of those days?"
I think this is the perfect picture to describe my dyslexia! HA!
As the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference gets closer, I'm sure we're all going to experience a few days like this one.
I hope you'll share your "day" with us.


Hello Zoe,

What an adorable picture---gave me a good laugh. Sometimes I wish I had 4 hands to get everything accomplished in a day!!

Thank you again for the Target gift card. It arrived yesterday and I am looking forward to using it ONLY for myself ;)

Have a blessed day!

Blogger Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hi Sweet Zoe...

What a great and appropriate post.

Can you believe She Speaks is only 3 weeks away???

Can't wait...

Blogger jillian4 said...

hello! Thank you so much Zoe for the response to my comment. I appreciate it. I was walking today and found myself remembering your words not to find my happiness in others or material things. I do this a lot with my husband. Lately things have been rough and I am visiting my parents for about two weeks and am away from my husband. And I just was in self pity mode thinking if only he would call and let me know how much he loves me, or that he misses me, etc. My happiness is so dependent on him. I know that he loves me, but I need to put my faith in God and realize He is my ultimate happiness, but it is so hard. So today was one of those days, being my birthday, and being with my mom and dad, and sister and her family, but aching for my husband. I will perservere. God is using this time apart for a reason. I pray that those hands of His will hold me up and open my eyes to all He has to offer.

Blogger Running My Race said...

What a great picture. My prayers are with you and the team as you prepare for the conference. I can't wait to see all you wonderful ladies.


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