Perseverance does not mean Perfection
"Perseverance does not mean Perfection."

"It means we keep going. We do not quit when we find that we are not yet mature and there is a long journey still before us."
I think one of the counselors in the office (where I work) boiled this down to two little words. She put them above her computer monitor and you see them upon entering her office.
Right foot, Left foot
That's it girlfriends; we are to remain on the journey. knowing we are not going to walk out our faith before others perfectly. Some days we are going to stumble, stub our toes, yell at our families, overeat, not care for our physical or spiritual bodies and get caught doing it.
BUT we continue on in the journey; never throwing up our hands, never throwing in the towel and never quiting!
This last section I'll share today contains my newest motto.
"For perseverance is not resignation, putting up with things the way they are, staying in the same old rut year after year after year, or being a doormat for people to wipe their feet on. Endurance is not a desperate hanging on but a
traveling from strength to strength."...
"Perseverance is triumphant and alive." Eugene Peterson
So the question of the day becomes:
What strength are you traveling to?
Happy weekend blessings ,


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, your new motto has been written across my life for some time now. Psalm 84:7 says, "They go from strength to strength..." The New Living Translation says, "They will continue to grow stronger".

There are many days when I need the Lord to carry me from "strength to strength". When I need Him to be my all in all. Often each new day brings with it a new circumstance that calls for a greater strength... a strength that only He can provide. I need strength to bring thoughts captive, to walk through the unexpected and unknown, to take on new assignments, to speak lovingly to my family, to withhold judgement and criticism... the list goes on and on.

Every day, in His strength, I can become more like Christ. I can make choices to walk in His way and follow His footsteps. Today...this very already becoming history...I'm making history with each second that passes. Will it honour Him?

Today I need His strength just to use my time wisely, and not get caught up in self-absorbed activity. I need to travel from "strength to strength" to maintain the mundane - like laundry, dishes, and housework.

Shaking the dust of my sandals and following in His strength,

Blogger Tammy said...

This is a wonderful post. I was thinking that sometimes I am not sure what strength I need on my journey but God does and I love how He whispers it to my heart in so many different ways. No matter what they may be they make me stronger for whatever lies ahead in my journey. What a wonderful motto to share.

blessings on your weekend.

Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Zoe!
I like the "Right foot, left foot" reminds me of something our pastor says often...which is, just do the next right thing...just for today...just for the next the right thing.
I think of that alot during the day, especially at work, when things can get stressful!

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