There's More I Don't Get...And A Few I Do
I don't get how a teenager can hear their cell phone ring downstairs even with their music shaking the house. But they can not hear you if you call their name.

Why do kids send text messages to their brothers that say :Get me some toilet paper. They get mad when there is no response. My opinion is check before you start.

I don't get why my husband doesn't get me.......
I don't get why we know the way but we keep falling off the path........
I don't get why we question God's love for us when it is right there in front of us..........
I don't get why 5th grade boys continue to harass my 5th grade girl.............
I don't get NAIR, does it really work?
I don't get why politics has to be so nuts and shady.............
I don't get why people can't focus more on the good than the bad.........
I don't get why the media has to twist everything..........
I don't get all those diets out there.....................

Girlfriends, These are great!!!

I'm right there with you on most of them.

But I will have to confess that I DO GET a few...

Watching NASCAR on TV; I've never been to an actual race even though I leave in the NASCAR state. Yes, I confess that I enjoy a few minutes of cars chasing each other as they go around a track at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour and the strength of the pit crews as they change 4 tires, fill the tank with gas, clean the windshield and any debris from the front of the car all in 15 seconds or less.

I know, I know all of this makes me a Redneck Princess...Yee Haw!!!

The joy of Cooking; I so get this one. I just don't get "The Joy of Cleaning" Hey, is anyone willing to trade? I'll cook if you'll clean!

I so get using NAIR or other similar products. They do work and the results last longer than shaving without the pricklies.

Okay friends, fess up. Which ones do you get? Please enlighten us.


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe, if I lived closer I would so trade the cleaning/cooking with you!!!! While I'm cleaning I carry a portable CD player with me and I use that time to enjoy Praise Music, or listen to Christian speakers - it's almost like my excuse to listen to some good teaching - and with the exception of vacuming, most cleaning is pretty quiet, so it affords me this time. The only problem arises when something is SO GOOD and I have to stop and either take notes or give in to some moments on my knees before Him in worship. Thinking God doesn't really see that as a 'problem' at all.

Love to you today,

Blogger jdearing said...

Hi Zoe -
I so get rain barrels and wonder why I have not used them sooner.
I get the concept of writing down whatever comes to mind at night before sleep - less pressure on my mind!
I get that my love, admiration, and respect for my husband of 34 years really does continue to grow and deepen. Thank you Jesus!

Blogger Tammy said...

well I get the joy of cleaning...not cooking...why do we have to cook..heheheh I love cleaning I know that sounds strange but there is something about the smell of clean that makes me sing literally


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