Crazy On the Loose
Okay Bloggy Friends, I think I'm in need of some serious help!!

This morning I was bringing my co-worker a neat tea mug that brews the tea for you and a pound of loose tea leaves because Kim really enjoys drinking tea.

Now I know all of you are quick and well versed on my "graceful" moments so you can probably guess what happened next...

Yes Mam, I spilled the entire container of loose tea leaves all over the front seats, console, gear shift and floorboard of my car. Girlfriends my car looks like I'm selling something you could smoke. HA!!!

I took my car to Auto Bell and asked if they would vacuum up the mess from my car.
You should have seen the man's face when he looked inside my car.
He said, "Am I on a hidden camera reality show and are the police going to arrive in five minutes to arrest me for handling a suspicious substance?" "Hey John, you've got to see this, you won't believe what this lady is trying to get me to vacuum up from her front seat!"
Poor dears, They were puzzled and bemused at my predicament and a bit hesitant to grant my request.

It's just another day at his job and here comes this middle-aged woman in her pretty, pretty princess shoes and office attire asking him to vacuum up a suspicious mess.
I can only imagine the story they will have to tell their lunch buddies.

Oh well... at least I can give someone a good laugh today.


Blogger Joyful said...

That picture does look suspicious!

Well, as Beth Moore says, "There's no high like the Most High!"

I'm sure you still looked adorable in your "pretty, pretty princess shoes"...a little crazy, but adorable!

It's so much fun to visit here! :o)

Blogger Chef Diane said...


That is hilarious! I guess that it is to their credit they didn't try to stuff it in their pocket and sell it. :-)
When I taught Culinary Arts in high school, they use to love the oregano.
Hope your friend knew it was the thought that counts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Zoe, for the laugh. I sure needed it today. I only wish they WOULD HAVE HAD hidden cameras so I could have watched you explaining yourself.
You are the sweetest and I cannot wait to try my tea. I'm on my way to brew what didn't fall out in your car :-)
With much love,

Blogger Tammy said...

Well I am just a giggling..I am a tea person so I would be saying Dear Lord how am I going to get my precious tea back....and of course be looking for the nearest scoop or is that insane or what. I am sure your princess shoes are cute just like you. Oh to see those guys face...heheheh

love and blessings

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