Glutes on the Loose
Hey Bloggy Friends,

Well... I've done it again. I fell while I was away at a speaking event.
I will take some consolation that this fall wasn't in front of a crowd of people.

It was 4:00 Saturday morning, I was all alone in my hotel room and got up to use the bathroom.

Because my legs were so sore from working out with Anthony (the newest torture monger, I mean fitness trainer) I was trying to ease myself onto the "throne" when I completely missed the seat! I didn't sit and then slip; girls I missed the entire thing.

So here I am in the dark, on the floor in the middle of the night laughing my head off.

I can only pray the people in the adjoining room didn't hear the thud when I landed or the laughter that followed.

Praise the Lord, nothing is broken and I'm no worse for wear.

I did manage to escape with only one scratch on my right arm from the rough wall surface.
Oh my goodness, how graceful!

Now you know why my husband calls me "Miss Grace"

Do you have a "Miss Grace" kind of moment you'd like to share?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am cracking up! I probably would have peed on the floor from laughing at myself! I am such a klutz so I totally feel for you! My husband teases that he is going to put a wall pad at the bottom of our stairs so when I fall and tumble it is there to brace my fall!

Blogger DeeDee said...

LOL that is so funny!

I had one time when I was in a REAL hurry to get to the "potty" while at the mall. Quickly entered the stall, and squatted. The potty was NOT in the center of the stall and I did not notice. And I missed it completely. All over the floor. So what do you do? I quickly hurried out. There was a drain in the floor thankfully. :) Who in the world would make a stall and not put the potty in the center. LOL Had to have been a man - they know nothing of SQUATTING. LOL

I can't believe I am posting this for you. :)

Blogger Joyful said...

A "Miss Grace" moment that we'd LIKE to share? HAHAHA!

Well, I had only been employed at the Christian bookstore for about a week and was trying to put my best foot forward. The store became really busy one afternoon, and the Manager called me to come to the counter to service some customers. I was in the back shelving new product. I didn't want to keep the customers waiting, so I was hurrying. A few feet from the counter, my foot caught on a delivery box in the aisle and I went sprawling - face forward, straight out, nose bouncing off the ground when I hit. I got up quickly, not wanting to "make a scene" (afraid it was a little too late for that!). I was shaking, my eyes wouldn't stop watering, I was scratched and bruised, my nose was smarting - but thankfully, nothing was broken. How to make a good first impression!!!

Glad you weren't hurt in your fall either.

Blessings & hugs,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny story!!

When my oldest son was just about 2years old we were living in an old 3 story apartment in between houses. We had things stored on the 3rd floor and I went up to get some thing. My son followed me up the wooden, circular steps!! Well, I didn't want him to come down those steps so I picked him up and turned to go down and promptly fell down the steps!!

It was like slow motion....I kept thinking of keeping the "baby" on top of me which I did but I hit EVERY step with my tail bone and the back of my head. As I put my arms out along the wall, which was textured paint, I could feel the skin tearing open and when we hit the bottom I broke my big toe!! But....not one scratch on the boy!!! And when we hit the bottom he had the nerve to say "Mommy, why you do that?"

lovely child, huh????

I think EVERY bone in my body hurt!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


Queen of grace, and humility. Every fallen up the stairs. Seventh grade, new girl in school. The steps were warped from the school only being 100 years old. I didn't know the danger spots, simply thought they were clearing my way. So here I go be bopping upt the stairs and down I went. The were kids laughing at me what felt like for ever. I wanted to get up and be all "so what can you do". But instead I grabbed my books ran up the stars and ran into the bathroom. As the day went on, it happened to be basketball try outs. Yes the news went before me. But I made the team and don't remember going on those steps again. Yicks for the pride.

Anonymous Kim said...

Oh how I wish we could travel together. Two klutzes in the same hotel room. We would definitely tone our abs with the laughter.
Love you friend!

Blogger Jami said...

Zoe, that is so funny!! I met you at She Speaks and I think you're great! :)

I'm working on creating a bio sheet right now and have been looking all over the P31 speakers sheets for ideas.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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