Great Napkins
Hey Friends,
Thanks for the pear sauce idea I think I'll try that over my pork roast.
Keep sending any other pear recipes you might have.

Okay, on to a new thought...
In case there is any question about my level of girlieness (is that even a word?) or how much I adore he beach. Let me just say that I LOVE any and everything girlie and I love, love, love the beach!!. I recently saw these napkins in one of my favorite stores. I think each one is fabulous.

If you don't live near a Swoozies you can shop them on-line
Something as simple as a pretty or humorous napkin can just make my day.

Treat yourselves well today; add a pretty napkin to your table or desk top.
Hey, I think I'll start a new trend at the office.

Have a Happy day


Blogger Joyful said...

Cute! I wish I could take a picture of my 'napkin cupboard' and post it here. I love having 'tea parties' and no tea party is complete without a great napkin! I have pretty, fancy, fun, festive, special occasions - I purchase them when I see them and then I'm always prepared.

Hope you're having a great day!
PS. I actually cooked, from scratch, our dinner last night. My sister gave me a simple and delicious recipe using 'stewing beef' and it was enjoyed by all. Will wonders never cease!

Blogger On Purpose said...

My favorite was the fact that life is I most definitely will buy the shoes!

How else does a girl enjoy life?

I love your "girliness"...did I spell the word right?

Blogger Judy said...

Question here - I'm new to blogging and have a recipe to share - do I post it here or scroll to the date that talks about recipes??

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