Decorating my Diet

Hey Bloggy Friends,
I thought this napkin was not only hilarious but it describes my diet perfectly!!
I think I'm about ready to call Charlotte Tent and Awning and have them make my next dress.
Seriously, after 12 weeks of eating baked chicken and brown rice I don't see much difference in the way my clothes are fitting. In fact I think my new muscles are making them fit a bit tighter.
Greaaaaat! Just what every girl wants a larger dress size to go along with those tones muscles.
Any way, I'll stop my whining and get back to work.
Happy Day friends


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh how I love visiting here! You always make me smile. :o)

You're just the cutest thing...muscles and all!

Have a great day,
Love ya,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Love the napkins,
I am back with the living from my surgery. I have great intentions about loosing weight. Then I just give up. Recovering from surgery you are at the mercy of others for your feedings. I actually received a beautiful fruit basket the other day. It was awesome and I have enjoyed it. I am so greatful when my church does the meals for families thing. What a blessing and help it is for those in need. My old stand by is a bowl of ceral. I am missing my exercise, speaking of muscles.
How are you doing with the grief?

Blogger Tammy said...

Well I happen to think your muscles are very cute. So keep it up girlie...thanks for the smile

love and blessings

I am with you girlfriend!! I think at some point you just have to say...

"Done, this is how my God made me!"

I have the same "muscle" problem--I end up having man-muscles...yuck!

hang in there!

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