E-mail Woes
Hey bloggy friends,

I hope you've all had a great weekend.

Tom and I drove 6 hours total to attend the NC State /ECU game on Saturday in Raleigh, NC.
Season tickets to NC State football games have been an annual part of our 29 year marriage and we LOVE attending.
We tail gate with long time friends and enjoy the pre-game food and festivities as much as we enjoy the game itself.

What made this game so much fun? Our team is not very good this year However...
The NC State Wolfpack actually beat the nationally ranked ECU Pirates
30 to 24 in over time.


Okay , I know I've gone off topic. Sorry.

Here's the deal... I've been unable to receive many e-mails for the last few months; including those from our 2 sons, a few Proverbs 31 team members and only the Lord knows who else.

I've contacted my e-mail provider (Road Runner) numerous times and I have followed their recommendations to the letter without any success. They tell me I was chosen at random to have my e-mails blocked without any reason or explanation. Isn't that special?

I'm exasperated and I've exhausted everything I know to do.
So I'm appealing to you my sweet friends. What's a girl to do?
I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Blogger Joyful said...

Hey Zoe - YEAH...your team won!!!!!

Now, about those e-mails. I have just gone through the same ordeal!! Fortunately, I was able to just set up another account with another provider, although, that took time, and I know I am still missing e-mails. Here we have other options that are free accounts as well like 'gmail' and 'hotmail'.

I hear your frustration girlfriend! Annoying!!! I hope you didn't miss any of my e-mails...hahaha :o)

Hope you find a solution,
Love ya,

Blogger Joyful said...

PS. Of course, there's always resurrecting the old art of letter writing. I actually wrote 10 letters on the weekend. Funny how before e-mail it wasn't an issue - I wrote a letter or phoned someone. Now I miss technology for one day and I think my arm has been cut off. Interesting. Wonder what that really says....

Blogger Chef Diane said...

My advice, change providers. I know that hotmail and gmail are free. One of the things I have realized is that I am the customer and they provide me a service. Might be a pain but do bow to them, just smile and say "see ya".
This is just one person's opinion.
Hope it works out.

Anonymous Jana said...

I grew up just 30 minutes from Greenville, NC where ECU is located. I was THRILLED!!! that State beat them. Two of my nephews go to State.

Blogger Jerralea said...

Problems like that are why I have a yahoo account for email. Also, in early days of our computer journey, I'd use my ISP email account and then my husband, the REFORMAT KING, would reformat the computer and I would lose all my saved emails and address book. This happened more than a couple times. That's when I decided to keep my email with a web-based provider (also, I can check it anywhere I'm near a computer). Also, I got a computer SEPARATE from my husband's, LOL.

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