Veteran's Day
Good Morning Bloggy Friends,
We interrupt our holiday decorating for an important time of remembrance.
Today we celebrate Veteran's Day and I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to each of you who have served our country, are serving our country now and for every family who has experienced the loss of a loved one in service to our country.
I don't want to ever forget the true sacrifice each one has given in order to defend us and to ensure our freedom. We owe you more than gratitude for sure.
For those of you wanting to show your gratitude in a tangible way,may I suggest you contact the USO.
and choose a way to encourage our troops.
Every year Tom and I purchase Christmas boxes for a few of the 170,000 courageous men and women who won't "be home for Christmas".
I hope you will join us in remebering them today and this holiday season.


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