I'm In The Closet
Okay my Bloggy Friends,

Here's one to make you laugh!!!!

Monday's are always busier than you can imagine at

Carolinas Counseling Grouphttp://carolinascounseling.com/, but today has been much busier than normal. Whew!!!!!!

One of the counselors wasn't feeling well and I offered to run downstairs to get her a soft drink from the drink machine. Not wanting to be away from my desk or the phone for too long I literally ran down the flight of stairs, jammed my money into the drink machine, grabbed the drink then turned to run back upstairs to deliver the drink to the ailing counslor.

As I turned on my heels to head back up stairs I bumped into a man waiting in line for the drink machine and in my haste to race back to the office I opened the first door I came to thinking it was the door to the stairwell.
Okay, it wasn't!!! It was the door to the janitor's closet.
Now what's a pretty, pretty princess to do?
I'm embarraseed for sure and not wanting to add to my embarrassment in case the thirsty man at the drink machine is watching.
I pulled my foot out of the mop bucket I stepped into and emerged from said closet and headed back to the office as if nothing ever happened.
I just hope I don't ever run into the thirsty man from the drink machine in the hallway ever again.

Happy Monday sweet friends,


Blogger Haroldly Taveras said...

im sorry, but all I can say is LOL.

I do hope your day got better.

Blessings & xoxo.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


What a lady of class! Guess what that was my uncle and he just called and told me all about it.
:-) lolol


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Sorry it wasn't really my uncle. I just couldn't resist. Lololo

Blogger Joyful said...

Oh that's so funny...and Diane's comments were hilarious - I believed her when I read her first comment and thought - incredible! OK...so I'm a little too believing!

Hope you have a great week!
Love & prayers,

Blogger Heaven said...

Too funny! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who makes a complete mess of herself:) Just think, it could have been the janitor. If that was the case, I'm sure the whole building would have heard that story. Thanks for the laugh!

Blogger Tammy said...

Well your day and mine seem similiar. I took my class to lunch and we have a card to get into the building where we eat and I couldn't find the place to scan my card and needless to say I said well I believe we will be hungry. I kindly said Lord some miracle help here in the cold and wouldn't you know a teacher who wasn't there opened the door. I of course looked on the door on the way out and saw the scan button was there but not where my eyes could see...I bet I don't forget. I acted liked we do this everyday and the teacher just laughed. I believe you handled yourself like a true princess my dear one. We can giggle in our teacups.

Blogger Lisa said...

Zoe!!!!! Oh, my goodness!!!! I love you because you're real, you clean toilets in a tiara, you step in mop buckets, and you tell us about it!!! I admire you all the more because you're so real.

If I had to list all the embarrassing things that happened to me just this week, I'd take up entirely too much space in the "comments" section here. Besides, I'm too chicken. I'm glad you're the brave one. You're first class all the way to me!


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