My Monday Just Got "Worst"
Hey my Bloggy Friends,

Okay, I know I've used "worst" incorrectly but I will always do that because my sweet daddy always used that word incorrectly and it's a sweet reminder of him. So... please save the English lesson.

If walking into the Janitor's Closet wasn't bad enough for one day as I was leaving the office and walking to my car in the parking lot my shoe caught on one of the brick pavers and I fell!

My purse flew open and scattered it's contents, my water glass landed about 5 feet in front of me, my sunglasses tumbled in the grass, and I crushed my little lunch container when I landed on it.

Now if this wasn't humiliating enough the two women who were walking three feet in front of me and heard the crash kept right on walking to their cars without stopping, or even turning around.
They did however wait patiently in their cars until I had collected all my belongings before starting their engines and then as they drove within two feet of me as they left the parking lot neither one even looked in my direction.

Is it me or was this just plain RUDE?!?!?!?!

Hello people, where are your manners?

What are your thoughts?

Happy Tuesday friends, today I promise to stay away from the drink machine and Janitor's closet.
Hopefully I can remain upright as I walk in and out of the building.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


So sorry to hear that you had a worst Monday. (love that your Daddy said that)

People are just so rude these days that is for sure. Yesterday while following a school bus a young girl may be 13 years old continued to give me the finger!! Oh my goodness!! I followed that bus for miles and she just kept giving me that gesture. I just prayed for her--and for me to not respond in ANY way!! I know that this is a child but she will be one of those ladies in the future that watched you pick up all your things when you fell.

Hope you have a better Tuesday!!

Love you friend!

Blogger Chef Diane said...


Oh,sweet princess. I am so sorry that this happened. I had a similar event (falling on my face in a skirt). See my post on "The Cold Stone Incident". However my girlfriends did help me up.
Is it me, or is it the age that we live in? People just don't have that inner thing that makes us want to help those in need. It may be that people are so afraid of what the impact will have on them. When I was assaulted in 2001, I lay on the floor in pain, there were lots of students around me. None of them tried to help me. NONE! I had to wait for an adult to get there.
So I feel you sweet sister. Let's look at some of the good things here:
1) If your shoes were hurt in any way, you simply must get a new pair.:-)
2) Same goes with the purse, scratches and scuffs simply won't do.
3) A beautiful new lunch transport thing.
4) If you need band aids get barbie ones.
5) How about the nails? Were they damaged in any way? If so get an emergency visit to the nail tech.
6) For the bruise ego and humilation of it all: you deserve a nice quiet bubbly bath with candles.

Gentle hugs,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition to Diane's silver linings, a "worst" day always means that the next day can only get better!
Sending you cyber hugs...

Blogger Joyful said...

Ah Zoe, were you hurt at all? Trust you aren't "worst" for wear. Poor you!

I had a fall like that during the first week at a new job. I was hurrying in response to a call from the Manager, and I'm not exactly sure what sent me flying - but the next thing I knew, my entire body was bouncing off the cement floor. The worst part was that the glasses I was wearing smashed into my face when my nose hit the ground....*ouch* I was too embarrassed to let on every part of my body was aching. The Lord certainly kept me from any serious injury.

If I'd been in that parking lot, I would have come to your aid. I can't believe those ladies did NOTHING! I guess they figured they were being kind not driving over you and your things! UNBELIEVABLE!


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh, Zoe. I want to give you the biggest hug ever. I am just flabbergasted that those women would keep walking.

My own precious daddy always says, "flustrated" instead of "frustrated" or "flustered." For a long time, I thought that was just the way he said it, but I think he wanted to make double sure people knew what he meant. Not only was he frustrated, he was flustered on top of it! Now I find myself saying the same thing.

Love you. Wish I could hug you.


Blogger Tammy said...

I am sor sorry about that. I believe our society today is just plain rude. The old fashioned values of being kind and helping someone in need seem to have faded as something that is no longer valuable. It makes my heart terribly sad. If were there I want you to know I would have helped you and then said how about tea on me.

Hope today was better.

love and hugs

Blogger God's girl said...

Poor girl! Days like that are rough, but it does keep us humble. It is sad that people won't make the time to help someone in need. It's like people have gotten too "busy" to get involved in the life of another (in more ways than one, sadly enough). Praise God for better days and I claim the next one for you!

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