What Changes Will You Make?
Good Morning Bloogy Friends,

Well... here we are on the morning after and some are rejoicing while others are weeping.
We've heard a lot about change in the last few months and I am happy to report that there are many things that DO NOT change.

God's Mercies toward us.
In fact,today is a new day and a fresh abundance of God's mercies are available for the asking.
God's deep and abiding love for us.
God's Promises
God's Character
God's Grace

God Is No Respecter of Persons
God Cannot Lie
God is Just
God is Faithful
God is Compassionate
God Exhibits Goodness and Forbearance
God is Long suffering
God is Forgiving

Theses are just a few charter traits of our God.
I want to take this opportunity to encourage all our hearts by shifting our focus off the man and position of President and placing our focus firmly on our
Heavenly Father who never changes, slumbers or sleeps.

This election outcome has not taken our God by surprise nor was by accident.
Our sovereign God ordained this outcome before the foundation of the world for this time
and it's all for our good and His glory.

So I have to ask you...
What changes will you make in your spiritual life today that will ensure you are focused on the One who NEVER changes?

Are you willing to take a position of humility before your Heavenly Father as you seek His face before you seek His hand?

I love what one of my bloogy friends posted yesterday.
"Instead of biting my nails, I'm trusting the The One with nail scarred hands, right along with you!"
Thanks Katie, your words are music to my heart.

Be encouraged friends, God is in control and waiting for his children to
"change" their hearts and their habits.

Seek the ONE who NEVER Changes and you will be blessed.


Blogger Bonita said...

Zoe, how funny. I posted a about a week ago about things that won't change regardless of the election outcome.

By the way, I love the soothing sounds on your blog!

Blogger Chef Diane said...

I am so glad that you reminded us of the truths that never change. Amen, sister!
I have really been struggling this week with my personal situation. I am struggling with my own feelings and wants and not God's. He has a reasone for things, although it is not always revealed to us in our time. So I am recomitting to him, my heart and mind.

Blogger Unknown said...

Amen! I love the comment you quoted.

Blogger Charlene Kidd said...

Amen sista!!! You are so right.

Blogger Lisa said...

Zoe, I felt a definite change in my spirit immediately after viewing the election results. Suddenly, I got the strongest sense that I am going to finally have the opportunity to live out my discipleship. I'm tempted to be scared, but choosing to believe God for some HUGE things for our nation. Isaiah 66:9 stood out for me last night as I read, and I am convinced that our nation is experiencing some labor pains that will get worse as time goes on, but will all be more than worth it. Whatever this new administration brings, it will ALL be to God's glory.

I absolutely LOVE your friend's quote! I'm right with her on that one!!!

Love and Blessings,

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