The Dog House
Hey Bloggy Freinds,
My boss just sent this to me.
It's hilarious.

If you have men in your life they should watch this if they don't want to end up in the dog house.

I've always said "Fine jewelry will get any man out of almost any kind of trouble."


Blogger Haroldly Taveras said...

Lol Zoe...

you were right this IS hilarious!!

may God keep you and yours always.


Blogger Chef Diane said...

Oh My Gosh that was great. It reminds me of the year when my husband got me a set of beautiful cookware and Victoria Secrets. I know he meant well, but it said here is something new for your two places. The funniest thing was that he put them both on my American Express.
Men just think different,

Blogger Joyful said...

That was funny! The first year we were married my husband bought me a little heater and an electric blanket for Christmas. The following Valentine's Day it was a frying pan. He's learned a lot since then ;o)

Trust all is well with you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this just not the most hilarious video? I sent it to Scott so he could show it to our Sunday School class!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is sooooo funny--did you see that you can ACTUALLY nominate someone to be sent in the doghouse????

well, i don't suspect i will see any jewelry this Christmas but i BEST not see anything that plugs into the wall either or someone is going to that doghouse!!!

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