The First Assessement
Hey there friends,

Well... I made it to my first assessment with the Naturopathic Physician today.
After 4 1/2 days on the new and improved eating plan we have shed 5 pounds and 5 inches.
Miracles of miracles and Hallelujah!!!
Only 15-20 pounds to go.

Who knew keeping your blood sugar levels in balance could make such a HUGE (no pun intended) difference.

The last time I shed 5 pounds and 5 inches in less than a week I was 12 years old and I was throwing my guts up with the flu. TMI Sorry! :-(

I know it's only water weight and I'm not complaining mind you, it's been so long since I've lost anything (other than my sanity or my keys) I'm grateful for ANY weight loss and ANY shrinkage.

Tom and I are off tomorrow morning for a few days to reconnect.
I'll keep you posted on the balancing act.
Happy Days my friends


Blogger Joyful said...


Well done my friend. I'm so excited for you!!!! Doesn't it make you feel good to see some success!

I had success today too!!! They say 3 times a charm ... well, tackled that old bread machine again today and not only did it look amazing - it tasted great!!! My boys were asking for more! (I put a picture on Facebook.) I was so excited!!!! (I know small things amuse small minds :o)

Hope you have a wonderful time reconnecting with your honey. There's less of you to connect with! hahaha

Love & prayers,

Blogger Chef Diane said...


Yeah, you can't see me but I just did my happy dance for you. That is awesome. You go girl.
I hope you have a great time at the beach with your hubby. Breath some ocean air for me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Blogger Kim said...

Zoe, Congratulations.

My daughther recently starting seeing a Naturopath for a thyroid condition. She has seen great improvement.

It amazing what the body can do when you give it what it needs.

Kim / Ohio

Blogger Liesa said...

Can you give us some how to's on this?
Congrats! Love your blog.

Blogger Amy Carroll said...

I'm facing another year of trying to lose a little more but mostly trying to keep off what I've lost. That is so hard for me! I've got this diet mentality that says "diet over!" when I'm not trying to lose more. When the diet's "over" the pounds always come back. I'm trying to retrain this feeble brain to love a lifestyle.

Hugs to you and Tom!


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