Ready to Scream!!!!!!!!
Okay, so here's the deal... I've been diligent to keep my commitment working out and eating right.
Yes mam, for six long months I've been huffing and puffing, bending and lifting, running and crunching, sweating and stinking.

I gave up eating sugar and refined flour two years ago.
I didn't even think to lick the melted chocolate covering the 150 home-made chocolate covered cherries, sample the 200 pieces of baklava I baked or the 100 butter mints we made over the Christmas holiday.

I was voted client of the month in December after doing 110 men's push -ups; yet the junk in my trunk and the fat on my belly are still hanging around.
My inner thighs still talk to one another as I walk, "Excuse me." "Pardon me."
What is a girl to do? I'm ready to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are four and a half months before Josh and Kelsy walk down the aisle and again I must say I am ready to scream!!!!!!!

What's the deal and what else is a 52 year old menopausal woman to do to shed a few pounds and a few inches? Please don't think my goals and expectations are unrealistic.
I only want to shrink 1-2 sizes at the most. Hey, at this point I'd be thrilled and would stop my incessant whining if I could shrink just one size one size before ordering a dress (which has to be ordered by February 1 in order to be here in time for the wedding).

I think I'm to the point of not so quiet desperation and ready to run through the streets with my hair on fire.
I'm in need of some consolation friends; this cheerleader for life is in need of some cheering up herself. Can you spare a moment to encourage this encourager?

I think I'm ready to eat dirt if it would help.


Blogger Chef Diane said...


Ok, girlfriend I hear you loud and clear. BREATH in and out, in and out. I want you to hear me when I say this, are you listening? "Do not eat dirt, it won't help honey"! :-) Hope that give you a bit of a smile.

It sounds like your doing the right stuff, adding back the bad stuff won't help. I too get furstrated with my weight and body. I am 45 and use to be such an athlete. Now my body lacks the wonderful tone that it used to have.
Patience and acceptance are the encouraging words that I offer to you. Keep doing what your are doing. Trust me feeling sorry for yourself at the bottom of a bag of M & M's won't help and will only add to the guilt.
Praying for you my friend,

Blogger Tammy said...

I know where you are girl, but hang in there. You are doing the right things. I am 43 and thinking how come I can't eat what I want and needing some serious inspiration to get on the exercise path and eating hard when out in the boon docks to to I am praying for you and if you say a little one for me I think we can do this together.

Blogger mary said...

Phil 4:8-9, Rethink (write down all the food you eat, you will be surprise at the things you eat & don't remember), motivate (not just the wedding but a healthier you), & start seeing yourself in a beautiful gown! Positive thoughts bring positive results. Prayer brings answers & I know our Lord Jesus is saying yes to your weight loss. Phil 4:13, One day at a time. Prepare each day with prayer & a healthy menu. Just focusing on weight loss you will lose the focus of the wedding & how happy the day will be. Do you want to remember this time as 'My struggles with weight loss or Oh how wonderful the time was preparing for the wedding.' I'll be praying for you to be happy, healthy & lighter! God bless

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard some weight-loss advice a while back that I LOVED and want to pass on to you. Sometimes you do not lose weight because you don't get enough SLEEP. Yes, I wrote, SLEEP. Are you sleeping enough?
I know I never do!
Sweet dreams,

Blogger Julie Coleman said...


Don't eat dirt. It's so...dirty.

As a fellow dieter and struggler with excess pounds, I can totally relate to your frustration. I am on Weight Watchers. You would be surprised how many calories are in things. Point counting has changed the way I look at food. Something seemingly small can be loaded with fat.

The times when I am most successful are when I write down everything I eat. It's a pain in the neck, but effective.

Don't you think God sometimes puts these struggles into our lives so that we would remain dependent on Him? I have a friend who eats more than me and is downright skinny. But she struggles with shyness-- which is definitely NOT my problem. It seems that God has gifted-- that's right, gifted-- us with frailties to keep us humble and needing Him.

When everything is going right, it is too easy to become lethargic in our relationship with Him.

Hang in there-- skinny or not, you are beautiful. Your smile and spirit will bless everyone at the wedding. A few pounds is such a small thing in the big picture!!

Blogger Joyful said...

My brain can't even begin to imagine Princess Zoe eating dirt. Oh, please say it isn't so!!!

Hear you my friend and sympathize with you. It seems like no matter how far I walk each day, how much I cut back on 'treats', it's still a battle. I've started doing sit-ups every morning to try and lose some stomach fat. When I complain to my Mom, she tells me it's all muscle. Oh come on. You saw me my friend - did YOU see any muscle??

It must be a screaming day! If you want to have a good laugh and see what I'm screaming about - complete with pictures, stop by my blog. I can pretty well guarantee you'll leave smiling.

Be encouraged! I'm so amazed and proud at your committment. You're my hero - I marvel at how you can possibly give up sugar!!! God's Word says, "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not" Galatians 6:9. Praying your 'due season' is really soon so that you can order that dress and feel great!!!!

Love, prayers and hugs,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Didn't see a post today. I wanted to check on you to make sure you were hanging in there.
You can do this Zoe, day by day. Ok!

Blogger Zoe said...

Thanks so much to each of you for the encouraging words.
This week I'm busy with work and preparations to host a bridal shower in my home on Saturday.

I'll update you next week on the latest weight loss news.
I'm seeing a naturopathic(?)physician today; perhaps food allergies or sensitivities may hold one key to the weight loss dilemma.
Sweet blessings (of the no calorie kind) to each of you my freinds.

Blogger Lori G said...

Hi Zoe,

I can really relate to what you are going through. I have struggled all my life with weight issues and tried so many programs. I have prayed and prayed for help and pretty much had given up and felt like this was my cross to bear. That was a lie. A friend of mine share the Isagenix program with me. I put the URL below for you to check out. I refused to even look into it for 4mos. because I didn't want to be disappointed again. In Jan. of last year I tried the 30 day program and have been on it for a year now. I lost 30lbs in 4mos and feel better than I have in my life. I won't say it was easy, but hearing what you have been doing, this should be a piece of cake. LOL! No pun intended. Look into it! Tell me what you think or let me know if you have any questions. They also have an 800 # info. line. I know you work in a medical office, and this is endorsed by physicians. I know you must feel really great after working so hard and that has to be a great encouragement for you even if you haven't lost sizes. That is what the world calls success. You are doing something that will help you live a longer and healthier life. Kudo's to you for getting through the holidays and going 2 years without sugar and white flour? You go girl!
I am praying for you!



Blogger dt said...

Zoe, I want to share the verse that I'm using for my own weight loss. I hope it helps. :)

Faith is the Assurance of things not seen...if you believe as God believes in you... then nothing is impossible

You can do it- just believe it!!

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