Hey friends,
Someone sent this to me and boy does it fit with our latest conversations.

Wednesday is weight and measure day. I'll update up after I see the Doc.

Enjoy and LOL

Laughter burns calories and is medicine for the soul.


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe....I own ALL of Anita Renfroe's DVD's and they are hilarious!!!!! I saw her do a concert here several years ago, and I was hooked!!! Just yesterday I was sharing about her "Scrapbooking" routine on a comment on another blog! She is too funny!!!!

To update you on yesterday's attempt at bread - it was better, but not good. Maybe the Lord has blessed me by having my kitchen creations fail. Maybe He knows I would struggle with eating too much if my baking actually succeeded. Maybe He is graciously keeping me from having a weight issue.'s worth a thought... :o)

Have a great day!
Love ya,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

OMG That was too funny. My son's girlfriend gave me a 2 pound box of my favorite chocolates (Godiva) for Christmas. At midnight they were calling my name even though the box wasn't open yet.
Thanks for the laugh!

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