Frozen Beaches
Hey friends,
Our trip to the beach was restful, relaxing and very cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
Tom and I were able to squeeze in a three mile walk Thursday afternoon shortly after unpacking the car. It was sunny and the temps were in the high 40's.

However, the artic air decended upon us during the night and we woke up to freezing temps.
While I usually welcome cold weather (isn't it a menopausal woman's dream?) this was colder than cold, even the birds who normally remain on the beach and in the surf were no where to be found Friday morning as we tried to walk before breakfast.

Again I say a teeth chattering Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

We gave up and came home a day early.

Oh well... at least I'll begin the week rested and my house in order.

For those of you wondering our the new eating routine faired while we were in the land of fried seafood, hush puppies and everything that doesn't move, I cannot tell a lie, I did eat 2 fried oysters and 2 hush puppies; other than that I think I managed to stay on program.
The next assessment is this Friday after a training session with "Anthony the Annihilator". Whew! I'm tired just thinking about that.


Blogger Chef Diane said...


It is awesome you had some relaxing time at the beach. I am glad you held your self accountable.
I weighed in and lost 4 pounds more since my last visit. I really want to get back to the gym, but the doctors won't let me yet. So it is wi fit for now.
I went with some friends to see a movie and dinner this weekend. I was very good I only had 1, yes 1 piece of popcorn. Then some grilled chicken and vegetables and salad. My problem is this big box of Godiva that is not letting me get rid of it. :0

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