He's baaaaaaack.....again
Hey Precious Friends,

Several posts ago I was dancing in my chair and praising God for the open door to a job for our son Joseph.
Well... as the Lord would have it, our beloved Joseph has returned home once again.

The company who hired him was unable to obtain liability insurance for him because he only has 420 hours of flying time. He can't get the hours because he can't get a job and he can;t get a job without the hours. I think they call that a catch twenty-two.

Needless to say this mommas heart is crushed.
Not to mention my ill-timed words yesterday.
Good grief, seems I open my mouth just to put my foot in it.

So as I praise God for forgiveness today, I wanted to share some precious words from some precious friends.

..."Rejection is God's protection." Believing that requires trust in a sovereign God and believing Him at is Word when He says He knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper not to harm, plans to give us hope and a future.

"We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you." 2 Chron.20:12
"Living a life of faith often requires us to leave things alone.
If we have completely entrusted something to God, we must keep our hands off it.
He can guard it better than we can, and He does not need our help.
'Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes' (Ps 37:7).

Things in our lives may seem to be going all wrong, but God knows our circumstances better than we do. And He will work at the perfect moment, if we will completely trust Him to work in His own way and in His own time.
Often there is nothing as godly as inactivity on our part, or nothing as harmful as restless working, for God has promised to work His sovereign will." A. B. Simpson

"Being perplexed, I say,'Lord, make it right!Night is a day to You, Darkness as light.I am afraid to touch Things that involve so much; My trembling hand may shake,My skill-less hand may break;Yours can make no mistake.'
Being in doubt I say,'Lord, make it plain;Which is the true, safe way?Which would be gain?

I am not wise to know, Nor sure of foot to go;What is so clear to Thee,Lord, make it clear to me!'"
"It is such a comfort to drop the entanglements and perplexities of life into God's hands and leave them there." (Streams in the Desert)


Blogger Joyful said...

Continuing in prayer my friend.

Love ya,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have two adult sons that have struggled to find employment. The oldest one has still not found a job. I know this is ver hard for these young men. Satan really wants to work on them with his lies. Not good enough, you will never find a job, you are useless, and on and on. I have tried to tell my son that when a job interview doesn't work out- God has a different plan. I also think that God may be trying to use this time to draw them in a closer relationship with Him or to help them resolve some issuses that they have not let go of. He wants them to have a clean vessel to be used for Him. I will pray for you and your family.

Blogger Sarah said...

I have been thinking and praying for your family for months. I am so sorry that you and your guys are discouraged. We know God knows the plans he has for us. It seems hard in the middle of it to keep a smile on our face. I will continue to pray. god Bless.

OpenID slds56 said...

Will be continuing to pray for you.

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