Pre-Conference Phone Call
Hey friends,

Thanks to each of you for joining us on the call tonight.

I know Micca, Shari and I gave you alot of information to digest, so I'll be putting a summary together for you.
I hope to have that posted shortly.

I will also be posting some of the questions and answers you may have.
Don't hestitate to post your questions here or on my email.

See you at She Speaks


Blogger Shelly said...

Hi Zoe,

I got on the call at 9 and stayed until 9:15... but today, I head that the call actually started at 9:20. So, I missed it!

How can I download the call?

I will be looking forward to receiving your summary!


Blogger Mariel said...

I just want to thank you ladies for your time Tuesday night. I was blessed to get to hear the call and know better what to expect for SheSpeaks conference evaluations. See you all in two weeks!

Blogger Jess said...

Hi Zoe,
The conference call was a great blessing ~ Thank You!
And I have a couple of questions for you:
In developing such short talks, should we use any of the time to formally introduce ourselves, ie. name, hometown, etc.? Or will we have already done that in our "group"?

This question pertains to our dress...are nylons essential?
I'm a Florida gal and wear open toed shoes most of the year.

Thanks so much.
Jessica Errico

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