Smells Like...
While it's been more than a month since the fire, my house still smells like smoke and NOW it smells like smoke and a convalescent home (this is in no way any negativity toward ANY convalescent home). The wonderful KLEENPRO team brought a second air "cleaner" while I was away last week helping my mom pack and move and it left this latest lingering odor.

The painters arrive tomorrow and I do hope their priming and painting will put an end to the unwanted smells.
so... what does your home smell like?

Don't forget to leave your posts here, I'll be drawing for the goodie gift bag soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Zoe! I have heard those do leave an odor! The primer will probably kill it. My house has smelled like apple pie and no I didn't make it. Since we moved over two weeks ago, I did cook some what of a home cooked meal after church Sunday and pretty much of everything else I made except this. I didn't have the energy. I know you will be glad to have your house back in order. I guess you could look at it as having it redone for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming! Blessings to you and may God richly bless you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit it, my house smells like middle school boys and dogs...with some orange air freshener mixed in. lol Actually, when the carpets were cleaned it smelled pretty fresh. It helps with the beautiful weather and the windows open.
Teresa C.

Blogger Tammy said...

My house smells like football socks...honestly. I live in a house with boys and you know how hard that is But the funny thing is I love it. it means family time together, laughing, and grass stained football jerseys.

I am so glad you are back in your house.

God's blessings

Blogger Sarah said...

Depending on the time of day determines what our house smells like. Every evening our house fills up with the smell of chlorine. Both our kids are on a swim team and drag it home with them even after showering at the pool. I think I will have to do some serious airing out of my car when I decide to sell it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my home smells like yummy homemade tacos!!! even if it is a leftover smell from last nights supper lol. Leftovers are calling my name ;)

So glad your home is yours again :)

Anonymous Shelia said...

My home smells like dirty trash and dog poop. Not sure why or how. I was done for the weekend and I come home to this smell everytime I walk in the door. I don't even have a dog!!!! The trash smell is understandable as I forgot to take the trash out before leaving but the dog poop, UGH!! Otherwise my house normally smells like the log home it is. Ahhhh, refreshing.

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