MAJOR Meltdown
After five weekends away and working throughout each week I was so looking forward to one of my favorite guilty pleasures; shopping at Target (Chez Target' to all my fashionably chic friends).

I rescued an abandoned cart from the parking lot (one of my 2 pet peeves) and entered the doors to my little piece of heaven. I perused the dollar spot; nothing there (I mean nothing)! I made my way to the clearance racks but they were badly picked over, so I rounded the corner to the shoe department. That's when I first heard the faint cries of a small child.

Now PLEASE understand me I LOVE children and I understand that whining and crying are a normal part of motherhood. Hey, my boys were no angels; and I'm sure they put on a drama for their momma in a few public places too.
Trying to escape the noise I pushed my cart throughout the store as I shopped for the items on my list but no matter what department I found myself in the crying and whining seemed to find me.

Now this was no ordinary I'm tired and hungry kind of noise this was an all out MAJOR meltdown.
This child was thrashing himself about in the cart; whaling and screaming "I hate you, I hate you!" all while throwing things out of the cart.
His mom seemed completely oblivious to this drama and calmly put the discarded items back in her cart and continued to shop for the things on her list. By this time everyone in the store was staring and shaking their heads; including the Starbucks coffee guy. I think this young man was so unnerved at this dramatic display he decided right then to never engage in pre-marital sex!

After 10 minutes (I'm not kidding) the mom was finally in the check -out line with her purchases and her wild child.
Somehow the poor cashier managed to get the items totalled and bagged despite the drama. I saw her moan a sigh of relief as the mom pushed her cart out the doors and they left the building.

Whew, talk about a bad shopping experience! I couldn't help but wonder what she was shopping for that was so necessary that she didn't remove her child from the store and why couldn't it wait until her child was well fed and rested or she could find someone to baby sit?

Who knows, maybe she's a single mom without anyone to help her or without anyone to sit for her child. Maybe this was her only day to shop for necessary things. I'm sure there hundreds of possibilities and I do feel bad for her and her son as well as the rest of us.

What dramatic tales to you have to tell? Please share.

Happy Mother's Day Friends!!!


Blogger April said...

Hey Zoe! Boy, do I have some dramatic tales to tell! I'm going to have a hard time trying to figure out which one to share. I have been dubbed the "drama queen" of the family, and my teenage years were quite the emotional rollercoaster ride! I even have a dramatic tale of nursing my newborn(first)son in a fitting room at Belk, but that one is probably not for the squeamish! So, the one I will recall is one of the most recent and involves an in-store meltdown by my not quite 6 year old son(at the time)
It was this past eve before Christmas Eve and my family was shopping at Wal-mart. It was our almost 6 yr. old's idea to go to Wal-mart to buy sleeping bags with early Christmas $$ given by great-grandparents. What a marvelous idea! Or so I thought... My hubby and I were hosting our Youth Christmas party that evening until midnight, so our kids were spending the night with his parents. Well, my wonderful hubby decided to let the kids also pick out a toy(BAD idea). So, the drama started on the toy aisle when our son couldn't decide what he wanted. We had to go and told him he would have to wait, Christmas was just around the corner, so it wasn't like he wouldn't be opening some utterly delightful toy very soon. Our advice didn't register! What started out softly soon escalated into an all out temper tantrum, that reached the entire back half of the Wal-mart store. He was swiftly scooped up by my hubby, told his already picked out sleeping bag was to be left at the store, which resulted in louder wailing and flailing of limbs all the way out the store! The rest of our kids and myself were left standing in the middle of the toy aisle in absolute shock! This was the first time we had ever seen that kind of behavior in whom we always referred to as the"sweet, compassionate child" With beet red faces, we quietly walked to the garden section to check out(less crowded)and numbly walked out to the van. Needless to say, our "sweet, compassionate child learned a very hard lesson that day, when everyone else had brand new sleeping bags to camp out at Grandma's and he had a handmade pallet on the floor. Oh, the joys of parenting!

Blogger Shannon said...

I have been that mom....however I ran around the store getting what I absolutly needed...My fourth child, whom I thought didn't belong to me. I thought for sure he got switched at birth....Well, he was/is a strong willed child. I couldn't go to any store without a fight from him. He woudl want this or that......It was hard. I had to stick to my guns with him. I had to draw the line and not let it move. She may have been trying to do that same thing. it is hard, especially when everyone is staring. Mind you, I only took poor Noah when I had to. Now he is 11, and he is the most polite boy ever! I thinkn it is ingrained in his head to say please and thank you, because it was always a struggle. He is kind, considerate..... Every once in a while he tries to move the line again, but it is alway firm in place for him, and doesn't move. He quickly moves on now. There is hope. I have learned to sympathize with crying, well, screaming kids.....their moms' are really about to blow. They jsut have you fooled! Ü


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