Healthy Lifestyle Part 2
Good Morning Friends,

Thanks for all of your posts; it's been interesting to read this "universal" struggle we all share.
I talked to one of the Christian counselors about this subject very briefly yesterday in-between clients and here are a few eye opening things she mentioned. Let's discuss these findings today.

* The world teaches ALL women to put everyone else before ourselves and to feel guilt when we don't.

* As women, we can grow up believing we are NOT important enough or worthy to make or take time for ourselves and this includes a personal daily quiet time. We don't respect ourselves.

* For those of us who repeat the pattern of starting and stopping before the job is completed (I hold an advanced degree in this) the counselor suggests that each of us has areas in our lives where we have success in completeing tasks. We should recognize and celebrate those areas' then find the common thread(s) to that success.
For me... it's passion. I have a pattern of completing things I'm passionate about.

What are your thoughts?
I'm excited about our continuing conversation.

We're just three days away from our drawing for gift cards.


Blogger Joyful said...

Hi Zoe,
I was just sharing with some friends this morning about the perseverance that passion provides. When we have a real hearts desire for something, the determination seems to accompany the drive to see it completed - no matter how long it takes - even if it's a lifetime undertaking.

Sometimes we are called to do things and we do them just because we know they are right and good, but we are not fueled by the same excitement. As a child I often obeyed my parents, not because I was passionate about obedience, but because I didn't want to meet the consequences of disobedience.

The same can be true in regards to our physical and spiritual lives. We can eat right and exercise etc..because we know that the consequences could include possible health challenges, weight gain etc... Spiritually, we sometimes obey, not because we really want to say 'yes' but because, like Christ's example, "for the joy set before Him, He edured the cross". We have to look further down the road - gain an eternal perspective and realize that even though challenges can lay before us now, ultimately our obedience will bring joy - the joy of knowing we are surrendering to God's plan and will for us.

God convicts, He doesn't condemn. There is both true guilt and false guilt and we need discernment. Often our lives are plagued with false guilt. We must remember we are daughters of the King. I have "Princess" reminders all over my home (almost in every room!) to remind me of Who's I am, as I struggle with inadequacy and worth.

Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the areas where I have been successful - and allow those to spur me on to more good works.

Love & prayers to you,
"Princess Joyful"

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