Healthy Lifestyle - Part 1
I've so enjoyed your initial thoughts on this subject and know all too well the frustration and angst that come along with the diligence and discipline necessary for a healthy lifestyle (physically).

For those of you who don't know my history on this subject; here are three main points.
* I began over-eating at age 10 when my dad "stepped out" of our family for the first time and wound up wearing a size 18/20 from about age 15 until my Senior year in High School when I became involved with drama and singing and lost a lot of weight.
* In college I became a prisoner of eating disorders before the words anorexia and bulimia were even known (that's how old I am).
* Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a struggle for me ever since.

So... what is the answer we're ALL looking for?
Is it really just a matter of numbers; calories in and calories out?
Is a degree in nutrition necessary just to know what I should eat?
Is it necessary to spend hours at the gym every day?
If we're spending so much money on books, diet plans and gym memberships; then why are we as a country more obese than ever?
There are 100 other questions we could ask ourselves here, but I'd like to explore this from a different perspective...

For me... it's not a matter of knowing what to do; it has become a matter of doing what I know.
So for me the one question to answer becomes...
"Why don't I do what I already know?"

Let's begin here.
What is the one question you need to ask yourself on this subject?

Post your responses here and we'll continue our discussion.
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My question to myself is "Why don't you think that you are worth the time/energy/money/etc to do what you know that you have to do???

As a mom and wife everything else comes first--afterall I want to be the best wife and mom I can be so I feel I have to put myself last.

I ask myself all the time, "What makes me keep repeating my old pattern of rewarding myself with food?" I want to be the best me I can be, so that I can serve Him with my everything.

Blogger Kelly said...

The one question I want to ask myself at this time about this subject is why do I turn to food for comfort when I get stressed out, especially at work...or if I have a minor 'discussion' with my husband...I seem to seek food as something to soothe me? Why?

Blogger Jerralea said...

My question is "Why have I never been able to motivate myself to do anything consistently about my weight?" I desperately want to change.

Blogger Grossman Family said...

My question is, "Why do I put things in my mouth that I know aren't good for me when my body belongs to God".

Blogger Joyful said...

My question is, why is it that the good that I would I do not? I KNOW the importance of eating properly, exercising etc...and I'll begin with gusto, then after a couple of weeks I give it up, until the next whirlwind of motivation. I find accountability the best, but haven't found a way to keep this up as of yet. Tried posting my accountability on the side of my blog, but gave it up as I didn't feel anyone really cared about it any way.

Looking forward to reading more!
Joyfully His,

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