Good Morning Bloggy Friends,
I survived last night's work out with Joe "The Nutritionist" and my assessment with Laura the "Fitness Queen" and here are the results.
Drum Roll Please...
Weight - 4.2 pounds higher
Body Fat - 3.6 points lower that's a 13% decrease
Men's Push-Ups - from 16 to 60
Total inches lost - one

Well there it is friends, the good the bad and the ugly.
Eight weeks of heart pounding, glistening (a princess never sweats), muscle screaming, and bone building work.
It's a process not a race and I've discovered one important truth:
It's much easier to stay in shape than it is getting into shape.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, "It's not about the Hips; it's about the Heart".
My goal of a strong and healthy heart is attainable as long as I'm committed to do the work.
That means a life structured around doing the work.
Everyday I must choose to persevere and keep on doing the work.

As we talked about several weeks ago we all make choices everyday regarding the heath of our lives (physically and spiritaully).
So... what about you friends? I hope you will share your stories of the process and the progress you are making.
We all need a little encouragement or sugar sloppin' as I call it.


Blogger Joyful said...

YEAH!!! Clapping, cheering and rejoicing with your results!!!!

The P31 Devotional today tied in so well with your blog post. Also, I receive another daily devotional via e-mail and today it was titled, "God's Spirit is working in you". The theme verse was: God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him. Philippians 2:13 (NLT)

When I read your question, I thought of that verse. I have to confess that although my intentions were great, my follow-through has been bad. My best intentions were not good enough. Change doesn't occur by determination or imitation, but by inhabitation. I have to make the right choice and then trust that God's spirit is going to give me the strength and power to do it. It's Christ living in me getting me to do what pleases Him in regards to ALL areas of life.

Even early this morning I wanted to sit and spend some time in "blog land", but knew I needed to do some housework, spend time with the Bible memorization course I'm pursuing, get other things done BEFORE sitting here. HOWEVER, I turned the computer on regardless and as soon as my eyes saw this verse again I silently prayed that God would give me strength to turn the computer off and get these things done. I made the right choice and feel so much better already for all that has been accomplished.

Too often the "good that I would I do not" - but praying God will continue to speak and convict so that changes will be made for His honour and glory.

Thanks for this encouragement - and by the way - 60 MEN'S PUSH-UPS!!! I am SOOOO impressed!!!

Love & hugs,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, Zoe. You are doing awesome! 13% lower body fat...that is amazing. You continue to inspire me.

Blogger Tammy said...

Way to go Zoe, you are doing great and I love your words of encouragement. Thanks for sharing


Blogger Chef Diane said...

That is great. The push ups really impress me. I am afraid I am the one who really need some encouragement right now. Before I was assaulted I was a top notch athlete. I was playing and coaching travel soccer. I mountain biked 20 miles a week. Played church softball one night a week. I worked full time and had three sons to keep up with.
The smell of a gym for me was the norm. Here I am 7 years later and the gym is such a distant memory. I have started to do some stuff in the water. It is strange because the pool is something I would rather lay by and get some sun, than have to get in a exercise. I suffer from nerve pain since the assault and am very limited in exercise. For me I equate pounds to pain. I know I feel much better at a lower weight. It is hard to get motivated with my life fallin around me as well.
I am not giving up, God is able to do anything.

Blogger Unknown said...

I am impressed with your progress! Wow. I am trying to get back on the fitness kick. I had a goal to be fit by 40 (in March) and so I lost 10 lbs by my birthday! So now its July, and I'm not exercising anymore. I've gained 3 lbs back. Need to get back at it. You've inspired me...but it is so dang hard to get motivated to exercise.

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