The Kindred Spirit
Good Morning Bloggy Friends,
A warm welcome to those of you joining us from today's Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional.

My husband Tom and I are just four days away from our vacation on Sunset Beach and yes I am just like an excited child counting down the days.
In fact, I'm counting the hours until I put my toes in the sand and feel the ocean breeze blowing through my thick and curly desperately needing some color grey roots showing hair.
I can hardly wait to walk on the beach, passing the bathing beauties and children playing in the surf to reach the quiet and secluded spot at the edge of Bird Island. That's where I'll find
The Kindred Spirit.
Visiting The Kindred Spirit is a vacation tradition for me, I've been making the 45 minute walk at least once a year for the 24 years we have vacationed on Sunset Beach.
In all the times I've visited The Kindred Spirit I've never written anything in the journals but this year I will.
This year I will write about the deep loss I feel as I grieve my daddy's death.
This year I will write about the precious friends who call me to check on me and to offer words of encouragement.
This year I will write about the joy I feel over my daddy's complete healing as he has been released from a sick and paralyzed body to dance with our sweet Jesus.
This year I will write about the bitter sweet feelings grief brings.
This year I will write about the presence of God I have experienced in the midst of my grief.
This year I will write about the truths I know despite the feelings I feel.

Oh friends, I wish I could pack you in my suitcase and take you with me to Sunset beach in just four short days.
We would meet our best friends Lisa and Rudy and you would love them to pieces.
We would laugh till our sides split and we would cry as we talk about sweet memories.
We would eat fried seafood; especially hush puppies. Yes, hundreds of hush puppies smeared with honey butter.
We would talk and shop and watch funny movies.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding is our favorite.
We would give ourselves homemade facials, manicures and pedicures while the men watch sports and the Three Stooges.
We would stay up late and walk to the pier just to see what they are catching.
We would read, ride bikes and play Boccie Ball on the beach.
Oh friends, it's going to be a grand time of relaxation, rest, rejuvenation and restoration and I wish you were going to be there!

Since the beach house isn't quite large enough to accommodate us all, I'd love to hear what you like doing best on vacation and what you might write in the journals of The Kindred Spirit.

As I continue my packing and counting down the minutes I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures.

I can't wait to read your posts!


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe, the pictures here are absolutely beautiful. So inviting! I pray you have a wonderful, restful, fun time.

I love the idea of the "Kindred Spirit". I actually stayed at a "Bed and Breakfast" in Prince Edward Island with that name. It was owned by a Christian couple, and they kept a journal in the living room of writings that people left while visiting there. I remember writing in it at that time.

Today, if given the opportunity, I would write about my fear taking a step of faith. I would share about finding joy in a BIG God. I would write a prayer that all who come to "Kindred Spirit" would have a Damascus Road experience - that scales would fall from their eyes and that they would encounter Him.

Have a wonderful holiday, Zoe.
Loving you and praying for you,

Anonymous Luann said...

Girlfriend! I LOVED your devo today! Rachel and I are longing for the day we can join you for side-splitting laughter on the beach.

Loved the idea of the mailbox. It reminds me of the countless prayer requests that came into the Prayer Room at SheSpeaks. Isn't it a blessing to know that we have people praying over those requests all year? Awesome!

You have a wonderful time and focus on relishing this moment in time with hubby and friends. Drink it in sista.

Love you bunches!

Blogger Diane said...


I am somehow going to make my body fix in your suitcase and tag along. Or did you leave the mailbox picture there as a secret message for me to mail myself to you. Hahaha
The beach to me is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So much so that I go alone for a couple days just to be in the presence of the Holy one and soak in his creation. Here is what I get from the beach, when I stand on the shoreline and the waves come and go the shoreline forever changes. It never stays the same, each wave changes it forever. WOW! It is so parallel to our lives. Everyone, everything that touches our lives changes it forever. Sometimes we help how but sometimes what touched our shoreline 10 years ago may not affect it until present time. God allows the change, His waves of mercy wash over us fresh and new every day. Are we paying attention to it? What refreshment the beach can be to our body, mind and spirit! Then no matter how hard you try you will always bring a bit of the sand home with you. That to can be related in our lives, because everything, everyone and everyplace we touch we leave tiny gains of ourselves behind.
Girlfriend, go enjoy the wonderful beach and allow the Heavens to open up to you and reflect the gains of sand in your life. Imagine you and your precious father (both of them) holding each hand and walking pain free on the beach. Honor that!
P.S. Check that mail box each day, because if I can figure a way to mail myself there it won’t be pretty and I will need air.

Anonymous mooze1251 said...

Loved todays devotion. I don't know where sunset beach is or bird island but I wish I did. I would love to visit the place. The beach is my favorite place. I find being nearly alone on the beach a peaceful experience. when you see how big and awesome the ocean is and the must be really close to heaven.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the idea of a mailbox with a journal in it...the pictures are exactly how you have written it to be, sounds and looks amazing! I journal almost everyday my prayers or whatever it is I am feeling, however, I love to vacation on Kauai, I am a early riser in our family and those are the moments I share with my savior, to take in the awe of the experience of life and all that it has to offer. I would write about being anxious with life's circumstances and that there is something golden in the hard times, just like Job experienced, I would ask God to reveal to me any and all sin I have not acknowledge and ask for his forgiveness so I can be free from those chains that bind me.

Have a fabulous time, sounds like your already on your way!

Arlington, WA

Blogger Tammy said...

The mailbox reminds me of someone once telling me let the letters go which are like prayers but sometimes we hold fast to the corner of the letter (prayer) instead of letting God have it all. I love the journal in the mailbox. I have always found the beach to be peaceful although I have never been to one...I just think it in my mind. I would take my journal and tea and tell God how much I need him to dwell in my heart fully and that I want Him there but I have to let go of some of my letters and give it to Him to allow that. so I would write about taking a breath of faith and know that God is right there.

Have a wonderful vacation. Enjoy and breathe it all in.
love and blessings

Anonymous Anonymous said...


What I like doing best on vacation.....absolutely nothing!! I just love having no schedule--I wake up when I want and decide what to do each moment--such a treat!!

You have written about Sunset Beach before and I think that you should get some kind of compensation for your "sales pitch"!! It looks so beautiful!

The Kindred Spirit is a great idea. Do you know how it started? I would definitely write about the provision the Lord has blessed my family with. From my son Carson's speedy healing on his broken arm to the very small details of things needed and wanted that he provides in sometimes mysterious ways. His provision encourages me on to trust in him the larger things in life. God is so good!

Have a blessed vacation!

Blogger Marilyn said...

It sounds absolutely splendid, your soon-to-be-here vacation on the beach! I can totally NOT imagine what it would be like but it sounds heavenly! Most every vacation I have ever been on has been a hassle of traffic, going here and there to see all we could see in a little bit of time and then hurrying home. I think I would LOVE a week in a place like Sunset Beach....especially if it felt like "home" as it seems like it does for you!


Marilyn in Mississippi

Blogger Joyful said...

For some reason my P31 Devotional never arrived today, so I just visited the Web and read your devotional. BEAUTIFUL!

I think the people who send "Anonymous" comments (and don't sign their names) have a similar freedom of expression. They can write with utter abandonment and no-one knows who they are in blog world. No expectations.

I love how you drew the parallel to God and being able to share our hearts honestly with Him. Thanks for that encouragement.

Have a great holiday. You'll be missed!
Love & prayers,

Anonymous Kim said...

Zoe, I hope you have THE MOST wonderful time. Enjoy this time with Tom and your friends. I sure will miss you here at work. It's hard to believe that I won't see you until Monday, August 18th :-(
Have so much fun!
Love you,

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You've been tagged---I can only imagine how many times this has happened to you in the past!!! I know that your leaving for Sunset Beach so just come visit my blog sometime to find 6 random things about me. Have a relaxing vacation friend!! You just brighten my day with your encouraging words!!


Blogger The Charm House said...

I just found your blog and I just walked in and sat down to check my e-mail after returning home from my beach vacation! God so truly blessed me this week as HE "showed off" in HIS full glory! I have been sick for over 15 years and this is the first year that I have felt well enough to actually vacation with my family. I can't tell you what all happened, but if you get a chance to visit my blog you can just see a glimpe of how good God was to me this week!! God is Good - All the Time
Have a wonderful and blessed trip!

Blogger Kay Weathers said...

After the journals are full where do they go, who takes them?

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