Extended Warrenty????
Hey there Bloggy Friends,

Okay, here's the latest. My car is 7 years old (we always purchase used cars) and I've been listening to burned CD's for 6 years.

Last week when I attempted to listen to a burned CD; my CD player ate the CD.

Seriously, The CD Player loaded the CD but would not play it or any of the other 5 CD's previously loaded, nor would it eject it or any of the other CD's!!!!!!!

I made an appointment at my local dealership and when I arrived this afternoon I was informed that my pricey Extended Warranty did not cover my CD player. Greaaaaaaat!!

It will cost $400.00 and I'll be without radio or CD Player for 5 weeks in order to repair the CD player if the dealership handles it for me.

I thanked them for their time and assistance and decided that it would be cheaper to purchase a new CD Player and have it installed elsewhere.

So... I'm on the hunt for a CD player and instillation that will make the next owner happy when I sell my car in the next five years (yes, we drive our cars till the wheels fall off).
Looks like I'll spend my weekend calling around town for a reasonably priced CD player and instillation.

I'll be calling different stores because we're experiencing a huge gas shortage here in Charlotte, NC and if a station has gas there is a 2 hour wait at the minimum.

Police have been dispatched to most gas stations just to keep the peace as tempers flare and people have forgotten their manners!

Okay, I'll stop my whining!!!

Happy weekend my friends;
I love each of you and Praise My God for every remembrance of you.


Anonymous Kimberly said...

I bought my 12 disc-CD player at Freemans Car Stereo (in Gastonia) and I enjoyed their customer service. I think there is a Freemans in Charlotte.

Blogger Joyful said...

Sorry, no can help. I don't even have a CD player in my car - that will tell you the age of my vehicle!

We still have enough gas up here in Canada...so far...but the price is making me cautious in planning my outings.

Love you too and thank God for you,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

Sweet Zoe,

I understand about the "musically challenged" people of the world. I have one word for you my dear IPOD. It is the best thing since peanut butter.:0 Believe it or not you can get these attachments to play it through your radio.
I enjoyed your story and would even come to help you set it up. I would have to fight the people at the gas stations to get the gas though. lololololololololo

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