Big Bad Blister
Hey Bloggy Friends,

Tom and I had the opportunity to go to the Carolina Panthers football game yesterday.
Our sweet friends and neighbors (Chuck and Laurie) gave us their tickets. Woo Hoo!!

It was a great game and the Carolina Panthers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 34 to 0!!

We enjoyed sitting with the Engstrom's friends and co-workers as well as cheering for our team.

Here's the rub (pun intended).

Tom thought it would be a great idea to park our car 2 1/2 miles away from the stadium in order to save some money on parking and to miss the slow post game traffic.

Great idea; I like saving money, enjoy walking, and I'm all about missing slow post game traffic.

Had I know his plan before leaving for the game I would have chosen to wear different shoes.
If you know me at all you will know that I LOVE wearing pretty, pretty princess shoes and all of my shoes fit into that category with one exception and I wasn't about to ruin the look of my outfit with clumsy old tennis shoes.

Anyway... By the time we reached the stadium before the game had even started I had a blood blister on the bottom of my right foot right in the center. You can imagine how much bigger it became after we walked the 2 1/2 miles back to our car.

Today, I'm hobbling around like an old woman.

Oh well...I guess pretty has it's price.


Blogger Joyful said...

Oh Zoe, been there, done that!

I learned early while dating my husband that I needed to dress appropriately if we were attending any event that involved saving money on parking! The first time I made this discovery, we walked what seemed like FOREVER to a hockey game in Toronto, and it was winter, and it was cold! Since then I have surrendered 'pretty' for comfort and warmth.

Hope your blister is healing. I do own a pretty pink foot spa with massager that does provide some relief after such excursions.

Glad you enjoyed the game,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

I love the Panthers. To men they just don't understand the importance of the whole look of our outfits. The look is not always practical. Guys think shoes are shoes.
I say next time ride piggy back or ask for curbside service. I have a Barbie boo boo strip for you.

Blogger Vern ~ Inspired said...

Games are fun - Blisters are annoying!
Sending love and kisses to make your boo boo better!

Love ya!!

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