Firey Trials
Good Morning my Bloggy Friends,

Well our trip to the beach was restful but quiet eventful at the same time.

Saturday morning Tom and I were scrambling up some eggs as we prepared breakfast for our friends Tom and Debbie when the stove top caught fire.

That's right friends, I served up eggs flambe' and I didn't even have a recipe. I would try this one if I were you! HA!!

It seems that in the days or weeks previous to our arrival someone had not thoroughly cleaned the drip pans on the stove top after a greasy spill. It wasn't bad enough that the one burner I was using caught fire; but the fire quickly spread to the other three burners. Yikes!!

Our poor friends, expecting a quiet breakfast were instead treated to a "fiery" show with their meal.
Oh well... no one can say the Elmore's are a boring couple.

If that weren't enough; our youngest son Joseph was experiencing some pretty intense headaches last week and when he went to his physician he was told the cause one one of two things.
One - A cyst on the base of his head
Two - A Tumor on the base of his head.

Greaaaaaaaaaaaat! Just what every 23 year wants to hear on a Friday; you could have a tumor.

Long story short; Tom and I began praying on Friday when Joseph called to give us this upsetting news.

Yesterday I went with Joseph to see his physician and to get the results of the head x-rays that were taken on Friday.

The results were inconclusive and his Dr referred us to a specialist.
Joseph and I went to the specialists office to schedule an appointment.
We were greeted with some very interesting news.
The Dr. had an opening that very day; in fact his opening was just 15 minutes from our arrival time.

When the Dr came into the room and introduced himself I recognized him as a member of our church.

After careful examination Dr. Silver concluded that Joseph does not have a cyst or a tumor; just some inflamed muscles and lymph glands. The inflammation is pressing on the nerves and causing his pain.

An inflammatory should take care of things, but if needed there are some other options.

Praise the Lord!!!!!

Friends, I hope you've been able to see all of the examples of God's handiwork in each of the situations I've just described.

From placing me at the stove in order to put out the fire to going before our son to provide the care he needed and to provide it through a very godly man.

Each of us is going to experience some fiery trails in our lives; perhaps you're in the midst of your own fiery trial at this very moment.

Let me encourage you to look for God's handiwork in in the midst of your fiery trial today.
It's there; He is going before each of us today to prepare the way for us to experience His presence.

If you have an experience you'd like to share I know we would all benefit from your thoughts.

Perhaps you are in desperate need of some interceding prayer.
Leave your requests here and allow your sister in Christ to join you in prayer.

Friends, one of the neatest experiences you can have is to step out of yourself and spend some knee dropping, hand raising time in prayer for someone else.
Will you join me in praying for those requests that will be left?


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh, Zoe, it's been a shamefully long time since I've commented on your blog, but I just had to today, first to thank you for being such a tireless servant of Christ, and also for reminding me to seek God in every fiery trial, knowing that He will be there, without fail!

The account of meeting your son's new doctor reminds me of what happened about 10 years ago. Early in the year, my second oldest brother had his toe almost removed by a moving van while helping my parents move. A quick-thinking ER doctor saved it just in time. Months later, my father suffered a massive coronary and had only a 3% chance of survival, but he made it. The doctor who saved him? The very same one who saved my brother's toe. In a city of millions of people and at least a dozen hospitals, God used this same doctor to mend two of my loved ones. He himself said, as my dad lay in the ICU, "Only God could have orchestrated that one."

He is so good. SO good. Thank you so much for sharing, and praise Him that your son is okay, and that the fire wasn't worse than it was!!!


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe, rejoicing with you that all is fine! Praise the Lord.

How the story of your son hit home. A week ago Tuesday I began having the strangest pain in the front of my face. Seemed to be the bone at the bridge of my nose and down my nose and up into my forhead. I went to the Dr. on Thursday at it hadn't subsided with sinus medication. He was uncertain as to what could be causing this pain, and sent me home with some nasal spray and some other allergy/sinus meds. It has improved, but hasn't gone away completely. In the past couple of days I've had different people 'kindly' suggest what it could be - blood clot, tumor etc..
If it persists I shall return to the Dr. before the end of the week. Continual pain certainly gets wearisome. My nerves are on end as I consider all the possible "what if's". I'd certainly appreciate prayer. Thanks.

I'm also happy to be able to pray for any other requests that appear here. I truly believe that NOTHING happens outside of prayer.

Love & hugs,
PS. It's my 20th wedding anniversary today. Praying I'll relax and enjoy my evening. My honey is taking me out for dinner.

Blogger Chef Diane said...


And you said you couldn’t cook, as a Chef that sounds like some new kind of flambé’. Lol
In all seriousness I am grateful for a loving God who is there to blaze the fiery trails before us. Joseph is covered by His hands and spared the extreme trail of a tumor.
I will commit to praying for the bloggers who share their requests. In fact Tuesday night I am speaking about “Bearing Our Burdens with Sisters in the Lord”
As for me I am going through so many trials, yet God is so good in the midst of the storms there is a calming peace that only He can provide.
I am going through a divorce, my middle son is struggling, and my recovery from surgery is at the half way point and loneliness. I am ok most of the time, but times like right now I feel that every ounce of my faith is stretched. I won’t give up because He is ever present and able.
Blessings to all,

Lisa, may God continue to work in your life and make himself ever present in your life.

Joy, congratulations on your 20th anniversary, I will continue to pray for healing of your health issues involving your nose. I have been in the “what if” stage with my health for so long. God has seen me through all of it and it is scary to think about. But I found that taking it moment by moment, day by day. Lifting you up my sister.


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