To Sunset Beach
Hey Bloggy Friends,

Here's the Big Bad Blister update...
I've soaked it till my skin is pruneie and it's much better. Thanks for all the suggestions.
It's so much better in fact I ran on the treadmill last night. Yes, I said "ran".
Okay, I only ran for 3 minutes at the end of a workout; but I've
NEVER run for 3 minutes in my life.
I'm serious. I almost missed my college graduation because I couldn't run a mile in less than 10 minutes as required by my university.
I had to repeat basic P.E. the four years I attended UNC-Wilmington.
If that wasn't humiliating enough; my P.E. instructor was as old as Moses and she could run as fast as the wind; leaving me in her dust.

Sorry, I've digressed. (ADD strikes again HA!!)
I'm so looking forward to this weekend.
Tom's been out of town all week, returns tonight in time to teach his graduate class at UNCC, then he's off tomorrow on another business trip to return at 7:30 tomorrow night.

I'm planing to have the car packed and ready to drive us to our place of restoration; Sunset Beach.

I wish each of you could join us there.


Blogger Joyful said...

Glad your blister is feeling better. I'm not athletic at all. In fact, I stopped taking gym in Grade 10. I still exercise, but in the privacy of my own home :o)

Have a wonderful time at Sunset Beach. We're heading up to our trailer this weekend for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm sure the Fall colours up North will be beautiful.

I pray for you every day my friend. I trust you are experiencing His presence and peace.
Love ya,

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