Sweet Personality Part 2
Good Morning Bloggy Friends,

Thanks for all of your "sweet" posts regarding our candy personalities.
Many of you have asked about mine so here goes.
I don't eat candy.
Really; I don't eat any candy or refined sugar or flour any more.
Two years ago I gave up the sweet stuff and haven't looked back.

Here's the back story...
Two years ago I was crying out to the Lord after gaining 20 pounds in five months.
I begged the Lord to reveal the reasons why I was gaining weight at such an alarming rate.
After days of pleading I heard the Lord whisper to my heart, "Baby girl, get up off your knees and go have a look in your garbage can."
I walked into my kitchen, opened the pantry door and saw something that made me weep with disgust and embarrassment.
Lying there in my garbage can were the empty wrappers from
TWO (one pound) bags of Peanut M&M's.

I had consumed TWO pounds of candy in less than one week!
Hey, I'm not a nutritionist, but I can figure out the direct correlation between weight gain and two pounds of candy every few days.
After looking at my eating habits I discovered that my diet was primarily fat and sugar.
Not a good thing!!!

So... that very day I gave up the refined sugar and refined white flour (for the most part) and I haven't had any candy or desserts since.
I still bake cookies and brownies for my family and friends.
Hey, I still bake 300 pieces of baklava and 200 Greek Wedding cookies every Christmas; but I never eat any.

Can you guess what happened to my weight when I stopped consuming so much fat and sugar?
I lost the 20 pounds in a few months.

For the record; other than Peanut M&M's; my favorite candy was Snickers.

Keep posting friends, I'll be drawing for your favorite "Personality Candy" on Friday and every post is an automatic entry into the drawing.


Blogger Melissa said...


That is so funny you shared that info!

I gave up sugar 4 years ago this past September. I had the same problem. I cringe now when I think of how much sugar I could eat. Choc. Chip cookie dough. M&M's. donuts & brownies were my top choices. :-) I felt that the Lord was encouraging me to give up sugar completely. I too have never looked back. Although sometimes when I walk by the cookie dough...I have to walk a little faster!!! I am so glad that I did that......I also do not eat any fast food. Those are the two things I stay away from completely.

I just recently lost 30 pounds on Jenny Craig and feel fantastic!! I only have a few more pounds to reach my goal.

Bless you!

Blogger Lisa said...

Oops! Consider me convicted. As I was reading what you wrote, Zoe, I could've sworn someone was tapping on my shoulder saying, "You getting any of that???"

This would be precisely why I haven't been able to lose any weight. The almost-empty bag of assorted candy in our laundry room storage area testifies to my complete lack of self control when it comes to sweets. In all fairness, I did have some help in polishing off that candy, but if I were to break it down and do a pie chart, it would clearly show that piggy me would have consumed at least two-thirds of said bag (and wished the pie chart was edible, too... blueberry, anyone?)

My dear, sweet husband peeked into the garbage can the other day and witnessed the remnants of a feeble attempt to nurse my cold a la peanut butter ripple ice cream. "Feel better?" he asked with a smirk. "What..." I replied, "you mean, ice cream doesn't kill germs?"

Help! I'm waving the white flag (and one almost-empty bag of candy).

Love you and am so blessed by you!


Blogger Joyful said...

Way to go Zoe!!!!! WOW - I limit myself to desserts just on weekends, but I haven't gone 'cold turkey'.

If friends come over to my house they know they are just getting coffee/tea and me....no sweets. I don't eat the snacks each week at Bible study, even if it's my turn to make them...or, should I say, especially if it's my turn to make them (my area of giftedness is NOT in the kitchen).

I do make treats for my 'guys', but they are both very SKINY and don't seem to ever gain a pound.

I feel however, that I must confess right now. You caught me with my 'hand in the cookie jar' today. After 4 visits to the Dr's in 2 weeks, I received results from tests done and I was celebrating (the outcome is nothing major - just something antibiotics can clear up). I stopped on my way home and picked up a slice of Hawaiian Pizza and a 'KitKat' chocolate bar. I couldn't tell you the last time I ate a chocolate bar. Boy, was it good!!!!

You are already naturally sweet enough my friend,

Blogger Chef Diane said...

I was just talking to a friend today and realized that I have gained 25 pounds since I retired in 2005. I am so furstrated because exercise is so hard for me because of chronic pain and my disability. Before I was assaulted I was so active, really into mountain biking, soccer and softball. Now I can do a light workout in the heated pool. I have been on and off weight watchers. Today I decided that I need to buckle down and loose this weight. I had been limiting myself to one seet thing a day. It isn't that I over eat, it is just not getting enough of the right combination working together.
It is awesome you were able to loose the weight. I think am able able to get back to wi fit. Lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Zoe, UUUGGGHHH!! I can't believe that you are writing about the weight loss thing! I just went to my Dr on Tuesday--found out that my blood pressure is high and yesterday found out that my cholosterol is too high. Combined with about 30 lbs overweight---uuuuughhhh!!

It's time to get "movin, movin".

I am walking every morning and trying to figure out an eating plan that I can live with. I know from past experience that food is too yummy to remove everything good from my diet--it just doesn't work.

Many congrats on your weight loss!! You encouraged me today!

love ya,

Blogger Pinkshoelady said...

Hey Zoe,
I am a Reeses girl all the way!

I found my biggest delima is the amount of bread I eat. I could eat bread for every meal and nothing else and I would be fine!

So about a month ago I cut it out to once a day. At first my body rebeled and I gained 6 pounds. I cried but stuck with it I have lost about 7 pounds on top of what I gained. I have not found an excercise my body can tolerate except water excercises. Yet I don't have pool access year round. So pray for me as this holiday time starts coming round that I stick to my goal and find another way to exercise. Any suggestions?

You are such an inspiration to me. You will never fully know this side of heaven the impact you have had on my life. I am forever blessed and most thankful because of you!

I love you!

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