I'm Pooped!
Hi Friends,

After 4 days of mudding, sanding, priming and painting we are half way through the first phase of renovation.
The insurance field inspector arrives this next Wednesday afternoon to give the final determination if a total kitchen rip out and redo is warranted. Can you say 8-12 more weeks of workers in our home 10 hours a day? Good thing I have a job to go to across town.

This weeknd I spent hours mopping floors and wiping walls of wall dust as the painters followed me with their buckets, brushes and rollers. Good grief, this stuff is as pervasive as the smoke from our fire!

It's late friends, I haven't even had a bath today, my hair looks like something the bride of Frankenstein would wear and I have enough wall dust up my nose to fill a garbage bag. Okay, I'll admit it, I'm whining. There. I said it! Now I feel better.

This latest life experience is teaching me many lessons and I can't wait to share them with you in the coming weeks.

So... what life lessons are you learning?

I promise I haven't forgotten about the drawing for my latest goodie gift bag. The drawing will be Tuesday, so keep posting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! I am pooped too! Since our move over three weeks ago that is how I have felt, POOPED! I started a new job last week and still haven't got a routine since we've moved. Praying you will soon get your home finished. I feel God has been showing me I need to be patient and wait on Him and that I have NO control. Blessings to you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well where do i begin????? I'll just share my "today's" life lesson. It is difficult to have the attributes of Christ with the people I care the most about.... I guess because i expect so much more from them. Today I'm taking a much needed lesson in compassion and long suffering! Lord help me to be more like you today!
Hope you get some much needed rest soon.

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