Aren't you forgetting Something?

Good Morning Sweet blogger friends,

I know the end of school fast approaching and every one is frantically trying to help get those last few projects completed, teacher appreciation gifts purchased, and end of the years party platters made. It's enough to make a woman forget her own name.

We've ALL forgotten things; even important things...
I know one of the P31 speakers, Micca Cambell
forgot to pick up her child at kindergarten. I think she even wrote about that in a recent on-line devotional.

I know I've forgotten to pack lunches, purchase birthday gifts, mail get well cards, delivery a meal to a sick friend (thank goodness for Kentucky fried Chicken), return a phone call, and Lord only knows what else...

I think menopause and those hot flashes have burned out my memory cells; I forget what I've forgotten to do.

Anyway... I thought this cartoon was a humorous reminder to each of us not to forget to
apply the word to our lives on a daily basis.
Without it our spiritaul lives can become pretty dry and crispy.

What are some stories you can share about things you've forgotten.

I know we all have them; Do tell.

Remember, every entry until May 23 will be entered into the drawing for some really nice gift cards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always had a good memory but in the past 4-5 years I have resorted to writing things down and now I can't remember half the time where I put the paper I wrote on!!! Aaarrghhhh!

Our son will be 16 the end of next week and I have to drop off his physical form to be filled out by our doctor. I have for the past week been planning to take this form and EVERY DAY I have forgotten! Now I am down to the wire--because without this form he can not get his permit. I can not imagine how much grief I am going to hear if that happens!!!! Last night I layed that form out on the table so I WILL NOT forget it today!! Now if I could just find my car keys--where did I put them....hmmmmm.

Have a blessed day Zoe!

Blogger Jerralea said...

I have problems with memory also. I even have do drive with mail in my one hand to remember to go by the post office box and drop it in! I may need to check out gingko biloba!

Blogger pajamas said...


I have two moments, one about me and one about my sister (she won't mind, it was funny).

I once forgot my 13 year old at church (we have 5 children so it was bound to happen sooner or later.) She didn't think that it was very fuuny when we told her we left her in the Lord's hands.

About 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with my sister when suddenly she was frantic that she could not find her cell phone.... Ummmm, look by your ear.... Nice job my baby sister!


Blogger Darla said...

I have forgotten to pack underwear and socks for my husband. He now pulls all his clothes so I won't forget anything!
We had put all our belongings in storage not a space left. We were temporarily in another state for 8 weeks and realized our checkbook was in the top right desk drawer in the storage unit. This was before automatic checking was easily accessible. It was alittle stressful trying to order new checks without a permanent address.

Blogger Jodie Wolfe said...

Just this past weekend I forgot my keys and purse in my mother's house and locked the door. She had to drive down from my house where she was with our boys to unlock the door, get my purse and bring it to me at a homeschool fair that my husband and I were attending for the weekend. Sigh!


Blogger Jerralea said...

Thanks for being the first person to post on my new blog! I appreciate it.

Blogger Joyful said...

Just yesterday a friend asked me if she could borrow a tablecloth of mine. I said it would be no problem and I wrote myself a note to remind me to look for it when I arrived home. Problem being....I then have to remember to READ the note! Of course I forgot that detail...and my friend went without the requested tablecloth today!

Although I'm forgetful....I'm so thankful the Lord always remembers me - He has me engraved on the palm of His hands.

Blogger Zoe said...

Thanks for all of your posts; they are wonderfully funny and spiritual at the same time.

Thanks for remembering me... "I thank my God for every rememberance of each of you" sweet sisters. :-)

Blogger Happy Four said...


I have forgotten too many things to mention, but several times, yes several I have forgotten my cell phone in the shopping cart at the grocery store. I thought that was bad enough, until I came home last week from dropping my son at preschool and was looking for the cell. I couldn't find it anywhere so decided to dial that number in the hopes it would lead me to it...low and behold it was on top of the car....I must have placed it there when putting my son in his car seat and drove to and from his school with it on top. What a blessing it didn't fall off...or is it that I have fallen off the cart!



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