Bye Bye Blackberry
Hey Sweet Blogging friends,

I've just returned from the Verizon Wireless store and I'm thrilled to tell you that I not only have a new phone with e-mail access but I can actually use it!! Yippee.
For those of you that are new to my blog let me bring you up to speed.

The counselors that I work for presented me with a gift card of appreciation so I used it to purchase "the Pretty Pink, Pearl Blackberry".
Wrong choice!!
I couldn't even figure out how to make a phone call on that silly, complicated, horribly confusing thing.
I asked every teenager who walked within 10 feet of me how to do something on that thing.
They couldn't even figure it out!

So this morning I put the Pretty, Pink,Pearl Blackberry back in it's box and returned it to the store.
I traded it in for a Voyager and guess what?

I was able to use it from the get go! Within 10 seconds I was up and running and making calls.
I could set up the options and even found a great ring tone.

After my meeting tonight I'm going to figure out how to get my e-mail
Yeah and Yippee!! There is some new technology I can use.
Whew! I was beginning to think I was too old for anything new.

Gotta run. My son came to our home for dinner tonight and is setting up the new Wii game system my sons gave me for Mother's Day. And Yes, I had requested that as my Christmas gift; but they were all sold out and that's why I'm so excited to have received it for Mother's Day.
I want to get in a game of tennis before my meeting.
I'll post some pictures soon!



Blogger Joyful said...

Hi ZoeWii, (loved that :o))
I wanted to get a Pretty Pink, Pearl Blackberry - all because of appearance - they are so pretty, but good to know they are confusing! Oh, how drawn I would be by the packaging.
Unfortunately, often in life I judge by appearance too...drawing incorrect conclusions. You've made me think of the verse, Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Good lesson to apply here.
Hope you're having fun with your Wii - looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Blogger Marybeth said...

Hey Zoe-- only a few weeks and we will get to hang out together at She Speaks!! Woowee! I can't wait-- I hope we can sit together and giggle and get bad behavior demerits. I am counting on it!

As for cool ringtones, had to tell you that Ashleigh downloaded the song Maniac for me as my ringtone. Don't remember it? Go to:
Is that fitting or what??
You have inspired me to check out the Voyager. Technology scares me so maybe this is one I could actually use?? Here's hopin!

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