And they're done!!
Happy weekend friends,

The last of the painters just pulled away from our home and we can enjoy the fruit of their labor in peace and quiet.

While "the Boys from Brazil" as Tom calls them did a remarkable job and were kind and gracious as they worked, I had no idea just how much I loved being in our home alone.
Could I be turning into an introvert? HA!!!!!!
Not a chance, but it has been quite an experience having 4-8 people in my home for 10 hours a day for more than a week. Even though I've been at work for the most part, it's still been an experience!

Oh well... that is behind us and now we wait a few more weeks for insurance to take the next steps in the renovation process.

I'm off to dance on every piece of furniture in celebration of a weekend without workers.
So, what are your plans for this wonderful and beautiful weekend?


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