Fabulous Friends
Hi friends and Happy Birthday to my baby sister!

Maria's not only my baby sister, she is my fabulous friend.
It doesn't matter that Maria is 10 years younger than me and that she lives a 3 hour plane ride away, we are fabulous friends.

We can always count on one another through thick and thin, times of rejoicing and times of difficulty and sorrow. She is gifted in so many areas and is always willing to share her gifts.
She and her husband Brandon have an incredible spirit of giving and they don't hesitate to give generously.

I wish each of you could meet and get to know my baby sister, you would just love her too!
So Happy Birthday Sissy, here's hoping your day is just as fabulous as you are.
For those of you wishing you had a fabulous sister, I want to introduce you to my sweet friends Karen and Amy. These friends are gifted and willing to share their gifts of writing. They also have the spirit of giving generously too.
They are the next best thing to a fabulous sister, they are fabulous friends.

I hope you will pop over and sign up for their Next Step writing services.
They are not just gifted and talented writers and communicators, they are some of my most
Fabulous Friends!!


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