Favorite Movie EVER!!
Hi friends,

Tom and I are back from some needed time away and we have hit the ground running. While we were away I stole away to the front porch and watched scenes from my most favorite movie of ALL time.
Pride and Prejudice the 2005 version.
If you've never seen it I highly recommend you pop over and watch the shortest version ever.
It's in two parts and each one is only 10 minutes long.

What's your favorite movie?


Blogger Joyful said...

Zoe...I just watched that movie again on Friday night!!!! LOVE that movie!!!!

My fav movie? That's sooooo hard. I have different fav's for different reasons. When I was a little girl, I loved "Pollyanna" with Hayley Mills. In my list of "Top 10" I would include, "The Saving of Sarah Cain", "August Rush", "Facing the Giants", "Pretty Woman", "You've Got Mail", "While You Were Sleeping", "Love Happens", the original "Dirty Dancing", "Runaway Bride"...and yes, "Pride and Prejudice" :)

Love ya girl,

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